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HELP- Question about my brother's spirituality!

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From being my brother...committing so many sins to now becoming the saint....aways absorbed in simran...he has no idea where he is...all he knws is simran...all he sees is GOD everywhere....he speaks of only God....its amazing how much Waheguru has touched him....

but the problem is has become so absorbed into his bhagti he knws nothing else...he does not knw that u have to go 2 work in the morning...he gets up to sing the lord's praises...sleeps little and eats little...its liek his in his own world...

he wants to go india, take amrit...but my brother is a mona...but now ants to follow the guru's path...fromt he bottomg of my heart i am happy... i seriously am but i dnt knw wat to say ...he dnt wanna do anythign apart from simran 24/7 and this is great it is...but wat abt wrk? he works on our business with my dad (own company) today dad had to remind him 2 go 2 wrk....

MUm says u talk 2 him i said i am no way at the stage that he is..im jus a sinner compared to him...hes a tru bhagat...but these changes ave happened in a week....he does not knw gurmukhi...all he knws is simran...he dnt even knw the gurus names off by heart...he has been blessed but wat do i do....

please help cyber sangat...with waheguru ji's kirpa cud u give this dass some advice




Moderator Note: Kaur, your heading has been changed to match your question. It is good to use good headings, so you get more attention.

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Guest SAdmin

I believe that you should bring him here and let him share his experience with us. Also, give him an example of Sikh gurus who never had issues with their daily life. I believe that ignoring your life style and family life is not the Sikhism way. Our Gurus were householders like us and had great spirituality level. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is full of Gurbani where Bhagats and Gurus are trying to convey message that you can achieve any level of spirituality while living within your society.

Shabad from Ramanand in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Where should I go?

My home is filled with bliss.

My consciousness does not go out wandering.

My mind has become crippled. || 1 || Pause ||

One day, a desire welled up in my mind.

I ground up sandalwood, along with several fragrant oils.

I went to God’s place, and worshipped Him there.

That God showed me the Guru, within my own mind. || 1 ||

Wherever I go, I find water and stones.

You are totally pervading and permeating in all.

I have searched through all the Vedas and the Puraanas.

I would go there, only if the Lord were not here. || 2 ||

I am a sacrifice to You, O my True Guru.

You have cut through all my confusion and doubt.

Raamanand’s Lord and Master is the All-pervading Lord God.

The Word of the Guru’s Shabad eradicates the karma of millions of past actions. || 3 || 1 ||(SGGS, 1195)

Source: http://allaboutsikhs.com/bhagats/bhagatramanand.htm

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intersting points........what happened that initiated such a dramatic change??

guru ji always instigated a 'ghristi jeeva' i.e. worldy duties as in a family etc along side bhagti....it might be an idea to get his some katha tapes/CD/kirtan with this message in it as he has opened up to bani so much it is more likely to strike a chord than us mere mortals.

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Let him just be.

Don’t ask him to do anything, for a while at least. If he is really doing what you say, then God will show him what he needs to do.

If he wants to just remain in bhagati all day, let him do that. Don’t start giving him lectures on living in the “real world†just yet.

This is a special time in his journey.

Not sure if you’re from the UK, but if you are from anywhere close to Vancouver, I can get you in touch with some Singhs.

p.s. don’t tell him to come on these forums just yet. He has more important things to do.

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first off i would like to apolgise for not checkin this thread as regulary as i should have.

My brother is okay now, still much as ever absorbed in simran...so much love and respect for Waheguru..its amazing. But he is gettin bak in2 routine. doing simran whilst working which is good. he wore his 1st dastaar on wednesday! :)

Thanks for all your support



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