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Sikhwareness banner competation...


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I m opening this thread after request of our members to have a some sort of mini competation of graphic designers..

please design sikhawareness banner- with 765 X 126 Pixels and banner saying- Sikhawareness.com - Bringing Awareness to Sikh Youth Worldwide.

and either submit on to this site by attaching the banner.. and or send your banners to- akaal108@gmail.com .. i ll post it up on the site..to have poll from our members.

Bring your hidden talents dude's and duddetes :wink: :LOL:

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that's a really good idea!!

n3o - u mite wana get all the banners together (once/if people have submitted them) and then rotate them or sumtin.. so everytime someone clicks refresh or sumtin a new banner comes up.. sorry i dunno the techno lingo... jus seen it on other sites..dynamic!

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Yes that's a wonderful idea - ghost... this is something that main admin has also mentioned before... he knows a script which will rotate banners everytime we click... ! :D

Admin please can we implement this feature in the meantime.. we will get about 10 banners which can be rotated automatically by an script each other user clicks on or each time user logins.

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only coz ppl like sukhi are too lazy and unskilled and lazy and ..... well....dumb. :LOL:

sukhi found her new house - sikhportal .. now she chills with sikhportal jatha because sikhawareness is bit too rotten or old style for her .. :roll: :P

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