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What does death means to you??


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So so so what does death means to you?

We all know everyone's time is coming could be insant when this is all over.

Main question is:

Are we prepared for death? How do you handle death? Any last wishes?

Bhagat Kabir says:

Maran na manda loka akhiai je mar janai aisa koi. ||

Death would no be called bad, oh people, if one knew how to truly die.

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another 1 by Kabir Jee

jis marne te jag darey, mere mann anand

i feel bliss from the death this world fears so much

marne hi te paiyye, pooran parmanand

only by dying does one achieve supreme bliss

(probably referring to death of ego here)

and there goes Neo...smiling brightly when he reads the word ANAND :D:D:D


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The reason why one should focus on the spiritual aspect of life today... esp when no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow....

i dunno loads of girls are influenced by bollywood stuff..

i assume your quoting off kal ho na ho.. i havent seen that film nore do i intend to... i believe the goal is to lead a good life so that you will be remembered in the hearts of millions of people and have a afterlife on earth aswell.. as in the next world... the afterlife being that your good deeds live on and touch other peoples lives..

but i fail to see why indian girls always prefer bollywood?... didnt the film kal ho na ho portray sikhs in a bad light? just something ive heard.. aint seen the film though..

sorry if ive said anything wrong

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