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Liverpool WON

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for one split second i was well happy that liverpool won the champions league...

then the liverpool supporting tosser sitting opposite me went euphoric and started cussing the ac milan supporter sittin next to him even though a prior agreement was not to cuss each other. he also believed liverpool were the best team in the world or sumtin stupid like that.

i was neutral by the way and predicated liverpool to win at half time!.. yes im a genius i know.. should've bloody put a bet on it!!!

best team in europe - no chance!!!... if they were, they would be able to defend the cup they won.

brilliant match tho!!! not a classic.. but one not to forget...

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grow up ghosty boy....don't wanna get soaked again at camp now do we? lol

Listen up....Liverpool's achievements were par excellence (bad a$$ french there!)....like hairyplam said, not even the best team in Europe. And they still did MAGNIFICENTLY well against Milan.

I for one have never ever been happier then I was last Wednesday. I seriously had tears in my eyes.

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awwww so the beast does have an emotional side hey? i think we need to cherish such a moment! hehe

nah seriously tho i only caught the extra time of the match and the penalties n it was a brilliant match!! well done Beasty n Liverpool!


thankyou number 5. :oops:

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Liverpool will know by Friday whether they will be allowed to defend their Champions League title.

Uefa wants to resolve the issue before an executive committee meeting on 17 June and will hold a phone conference that could result in a qualifying spot.

Opinion among the 14-man committee is still "divergent" but a yes vote will result in massive fixture congestion.

The first qualifying round is on 12-13 July and will disrupt Liverpool's planned pre-season schedule.

The European governing body insisted it is not cut and dried that the Reds will gain admission for next season's competition.

Football Association chairman Geoff Thompson will not have a vote when the committee discuss this matter this week.

Uefa director of communications William Gaillard said: "There are some divergent opinions. There are some people who see that the rules are the rules.

"If everyone was in favour, then I'm sure they would have taken the decision earlier.

"It is a matter for negotiation still."

Lar-Christer Olsson, Uefa's chief executive, will present his organisation's committee members with two questions:

-Should the champions always be allowed to defend their trophy?

-Should a country be allowed to have five clubs in the Champions League?

If the committee gives a positive answer to both questions they must decide at what stage the Merseysiders should enter the competition.

And if it is at the qualifying stage, the Reds may be forced to cancel a money-spinning two-game tour of Japan.

Liverpool finished fifth in the Premiership and have not qualified for the competition they won so memorably against AC Milan in Istanbul on penalties.

Uefa president Lennart Johansson says the Reds should defend their title but believes they should come in at the first qualifying stage.

"I trust it will be a decision that will be accepted by all parties," Johansson told BBC Radio 4.

"We have the ambition, on the one hand, to give Liverpool the opportunity to defend their title but, on the other hand, we need to make sure no-one suffers from such a decision.

One decision is about what will happen in the future but the main decision is what will happen to Liverpool

Uefa president Lennart Johansson

"In my opinion, Liverpool should be in from the very beginning - they will have to go through all the competition.

"But I want people to know they are free to have their own opinion.

"We have a situation that was unforeseen. Consequently we have to make a decision about the future and then deal with Liverpool."

Liverpool's Merseyside rivals Everton claimed the final Champions League qualification spot by finishing fourth in the Premiership and have already said they are unwilling to accept a ruling that would result in them being given a smaller share of the prize money.

If Champions League revenue is split five ways it would mean the other four qualifiers - Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton - losing as much as £5m each and decisions on whether Liverpool forfeit their share will also have to be made if they are allowed to compete.

Turkish officials are also unhappy with suggestions that Liverpool could be entered straight into the group stages with a high seeding - which would mean league champions Fenerbahce being relegated to the qualifying round.

Johansson's view is supported by Uefa director of communications William Gaillard.

"The idea of putting Liverpool straight into the group stages is one of the more remote possibilities," he told The Times.

"To admit Liverpool in the first place, we would have to change a fundamental rule, which is that no country should have more than four clubs in the Champions League.

"There have been a number of proposals.

"We can't say yes to Liverpool if it means damaging another club, so if Liverpool are to be admitted we have to work hard to find a way in which this can happen."


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Uefa's executive committee has given European champions Liverpool the green light to defend their Champions League crown next season.

But Rafael Benitez and his men will have to start their title defence in the first qualifying round of European club football's most prestigious competition and will find out their first opponents at a draw on June 24.

The Merseysiders will have to play six matches starting next month - four more than Manchester United and Everton - if they are to join Premiership champions Chelsea and runners-up Arsenal in the Champions League's lucrative group stage.

For the first time there will be five clubs from one association in Europe's premier club competition and Uefa has made it clear that Liverpool have been made a special case following calls from all over the footballing community in the wake of their dramatic fifth European Cup triumph in Istanbul last month.

Uefa has insisted that there will be no repeat of this scenario as, in the future, the title-holders will always qualify for the competition the following season at the expense of the lowest qualifying side from that team's domestic league.

However, there will be a special exemption in the unlikely event of a country with one Champions League spot winning the competition but failing to win their own domestic league. Uefa added that Manchester City will miss out on the chance to replace Liverpool in the Uefa Cup.

Uefa chief executive Lars-Christer Olsson said there was no question of Liverpool being allowed a pass straight into the third qualifying round in which Manchester United and Everton begin their Champions League quests in August.

Olsson said: "It was a unanimous decision There are always discussions but when it comes to the decision there is always a unanimous decision."

And Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann thought Uefa's decision was the perfect way for him to celebrate his new contract with the Reds.

Hamann, who had been expected to leave Anfield after the Champions League final, said: "It's tremendous news for the club. We're delighted to be in there and if we have to change something then we will do so.

"We start pre-season on June 27 and we've got two or three weeks to get us into physical shape for the first round. We'll do our best. We've got to go through he qualifying rounds and we'll do our best to defend the trophy."

Liverpool's failure to claim a top-four finish in the Premiership last season had put their hopes of playing in the Champions League in doubt.

But former captain Phil Thompson, who was part of the management team at Anfield until last year, said: "This is a great decision for football. I'm glad they've made the decision quickly and to our benefit."

Phil Neal, who had helped Liverpool win their four previous European Cup finals, added: "We're delighted that the cup holders - as we are - are in be in. We're in at the early qualifying stages, but who cares? It might curtail a pre-season tour but we're back in the Champions League and the boys, like us in 1977, would like to repeat it."

Neal's one concern regarding the decision is that Liverpool's players could tire before the end of the season, unless Benitez considerably strengthens his squad and boosts numbers.

The Liverpool legend added: "They're already scheduled to come back (for pre-season training) on June 27 so it will make it a very long season, particularly if we become involved with the World Club Championship and the European Super Cup, so he's going to need a bigger squad."

Sports Minister Richard Caborn, who had spoken to Uefa about allowing Liverpool to defend the trophy, greeted European football's governing body's decision as "a triumph for common sense and the spirit of sport".

This is total c**P

o well! :P

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