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Incident at Guru Nanak Nishkam Jatha, Bhram

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taken from sikhsangat.com

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at GNNSJ (soho rd gurudwara), a muslim youth (about 17-20) came into the darbar sahib, with his shoes on, and stood on the platform where the talwars are. who knows what he was going to do to guru ji.

me, and other sewadars draged and slapped him on the bak of the hed n bak, outside the darbar sahib, n started tlkin 2 him. he sed "i wanted 2 c the main guy here". we had enuff n blasted him outside.

he then sed "do u know wat ur worshipin here?, ur worshipin the devil himself" i go RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGTIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD enuff is enuff, i grabbed him, shoved him against the pillar, n about to lamp him one in the face, the sewadars broke it up n threw him downstairs.

he attaked n spat on 1 of the old singhs, about 60 years old, THE SINGH BATERDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD HIM, AND OLD MAN, TRASHED UP THE MUSLIM FOOL

we all jumped him, i and other singhs trashed up the jaam with kare n fists of lionz, n he walked away spittin.

my point bein, if we wernt there, he wud have ataked guru ji, n hu knows wat else he wud have dn.

so my benti, have sm sikhs as security at the gurudwara, and protect ur guru, this exactly y guru ji sed always have ur shastars on u.


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Damn, don't know what to say.

I initially thought that it would have been better if just one Singh lamped him, coz otherwise he can make out that he was some sort of "martyr". But in truth, they acted on instinct and I don't think that in the circumstances they could have done anything else.

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Should have had me there! I would have slapped him up and I am muslim! :P Saala neech bandha.

I dont think you would need additional security at a gurdwara. The reason you wear the kirpan is to remind yourself to defend you faith and defend the oppressed so it would be a religious duty to defend your faith against people like this young man.

Defending ones faith or using this as an excuse to beat the snot out of someone are 2 different things though.If the first blow is to defend your faith is the second blow for this also... or is the intention for the second blow coming from anger or ego? I suppose that is between that person and God.

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