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Slurs 'n' Simran - at 1984 June Rally


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taken from sikhsangat





some of these "naarae" are justified and good.

BUT what i was greatly disappointed about at Sunday June 12th 2005 rally was the fact there was a "INDIRA KUTHEE... MAARO JUTHI" slur. And it was at the front... where the Panj Pyaare were walking... those Panj Pyaare who were doing "Satnam Vaheguroo" simran whilst walking. DIRECTLY behind them, u had these guys swearing and cursing.

I found this offensive. Is it just for us to call Indira Gandhi (however bad she was) a "kuthee" and other really offensive stuff? Is this the words of a True Gursikh? Would Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj approve of such language?

Another thing, i was not pleased about was spitting. Again ... would Guru Jee have approved of his Sikhs... his GurSikhs to do such acts like spitting on a flag? A BURNT flag? And a doll of Indira Gandhi being burnt - reminds me of witchcraft that does. Voodoo-ism.

Yes, we are hurt by the attrocities of 1984... pre 1984 and post 1984 but what good is spitting and slandering in such stupid ways gonna help? Do we really wanna raise such awareness with the media that we have to bring ourselves down to get the attention of the media?

And whilst on the topic of the flag... its amazing. The people near the front all sat down and started doing Chaupee Sahib Jee de paath and the ones at the back decided it wud be a perfect chance to start burning the flag and spit and shout out offensive slogans and slurs... whilst the paath was going on... wouldnt it have been WICKED if EVERYONE had decided to sit down and join in? Would that not have had a greater impact.

Not dissing the rally. I go every year but these things... i may be wrong, but they aint justified in my opinion. Ure thoughts are welcome...

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Dr Sangat Singh indicated in his book “Sikhs in History†that Amar Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bindrawale’s dying words were of a similar tone “Tell Indira she is a bitch†(Indira kuthi di dhi hai). Perhaps this provides the necessary sanction for the actions over the weekend for those involved with such actions? The burning of effigies is a trademark of Islamic countries following the events of 9/11 and the War on Iraq, similar to violent protests and death threats, which are tools that have now been adopted by others, including us. “Blood for blood†I believe were the chants previously associated with this march.

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Sikhs in History” that Amar Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bindrawale’s dying words were of a similar tone “Let Indira she is a bitch” (Indira kuthi di dhi hai).

I think that was justified because of the intensity of the suitation back then.

Now she is gone no point - cursing a dead person.. that's what author on sikhsangat is saying.

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I think the Gurus should be kept in mind the whole time. Would the Gurus have approved their Sikhs of saying things like "INDIRA KUTHEE... MAARO JUTHI" while other Sikhs were repeating "Satnam Sri WaheGuru"?

The Gurus are the perfection of the Sikh faith and I think Sikhs should use them as an example on how to live their life. If Bindrawale’s dying words were “Tell Indira she is a bitch†(Indira kuthi di dhi hai) do you think these would be the dying words of Guru Gobind Singh Ji also or do you think his last words would have been something different?

Im speaking from a muslim mindset here. Some of us muslims may have a lot of love and respect for our saints like Baba Farid Ji but even Baba Farid Ji looked to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an example to follow. For us our Prophet is the perfection of our faith so we look to him as an example. Christians should look to Christ and Sikhs should look to their Gurus. If we all did this I think the world might be a better place than it is now.

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Dr Sangat Singh indicated in his book “Sikhs in History†that Amar Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bindrawale’s dying words were of a similar tone “Tell Indira she is a bitch†(Indira kuthi di dhi hai)

Just curious...

1. what are Dr Sangat Singh's sources?

2. when exactly would these "dying words" have been said, and to whom?

But I agree with others, cursing is not a good thing, especially after 21 years…seems almost pointless and more like misdirected anger.

I could understand if this protest occurred in 1984...I’m sure the calmest saints may have cursed IG. And we all know what happens when a saint says something, even in a moment of anguish or anger.

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Baz, you are quite correct in reading my post and raising the valid question, it is very interesting to note that even when the feeble so called "Mahatma" Ghandi died, despite all his radical ideas and underlying hatred for certain communities, he let out a plea of "Hai Ram" in his last breath.

Perhaps it is publicity of things like this that, despite his many detractors (including me), "Mahatma" Ghandi is revered the world over by hindus and non-hindus alike -even some Sikhs! Which is quite contrary to the image of modern day "Shaheed" Singhs such as Sant Jee, the Babbars and others who beyond their immediate followers, are most often regarded as terrorists.

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