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Exploitation of Guru Granth Sahib avoided

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Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa

Vahiguroo Ji Ke Fateh

The Singhs who have been on this campaign for a few years now. Many times they have discussed with the families involved to stop this practice, some Gurudware and rent-a-Giani's have got away with this for too long, and its a shame it had to come to this. It must of took alot of courage and conviction to do what these Singhs did, and please dont misunderstand why they did it.

People need to realise the Gurughar is for weddings, and we should make ourselves humble, and have smaller weddings. The Bharat needs to be less, and then after its down to them, but the Guru shouldnt be used in a disrespectful manner. Its interesting to note in the old days, unless a person was not an intiated Sikh, eg charanpahul, kirpan da amrit, or khande ka pahul, they were not married according to the Sikh tradition. Also why do they let Radho-soami's marry around Maharaj, when they have a "living" Guru.

The bigger picture is the failure of our community is today, the boy and girl do not know the significance of Guru Ji, or the lava the patth, or what is on the first page of Guru ji, or what anything means. How Sikh are these Sikhs? Or anything explained to them, therefore this is a serious failure in our community.

In the Jewish tradition a Rabbi and his wife, discuss what the ceremony is. If people knew what they are doing and why, then they would not disrespect Guru Maharaj.

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sorry, but another point is about mass anand karaj, as performed at Hazoor Sahib literally hundred of Singhs get married at the same time, we must ask why?

It breaks away the social pressures of dowry, of huge weddings and so forth, and the stress and stupidity this forms in society. The pressure some families are under nowdays, they cant even enjoy the wedding, and the bridge and groom, and under the hotlight, and thats a shame in such a spiritual moment!

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The Singhs who have been on this campaign for a few years now. Many times they have discussed with the families involved to stop this practice, some Gurudware and rent-a-Giani's have got away with this for too long, and its a shame it had to come to this. It must of took alot of courage and conviction to do what these Singhs did, and please dont misunderstand why they did it.

Media again bought up their ignorance in this case..why they bother even freaking writing a report when they can't check the facts... call sevadars of a panth- mob.. what a sad state of affairs..media needs to be dealt with ....media is very subtle in their attack..sometimes very direct..they all attack- minorties..&&#@@S !!!!!!

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well singh sahibs, i heard of people bringing maharaj to slough, in which, singh sahibs took maharaj away.

we cannot forget thesse singh sahiban, who have done parchaar and telling us,. that maharaj is not a book, in fact it is jagdey jyot jugo jug atal sache paathshah.

and newspapers like the sun are narrow minded, hanji, they may have a fauj of 10 million reading each day, but they will fall ek dhin for calling these gurmukh pyare an "angry mob" (todays sun, on page 1). koi naa!

gustaphi maaf

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The media as usual are trying to mislead the public

press release

VahegurujikaKhalsa, VahegurujikiFateh!

On Saturday 25 June, the Sikh community prevented the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji (the embodiment of the Sikh prophets) taking place in Slough. The Sikh faith community has decided on a global level that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji cannot be taken to places which serve alcohol, meat, cigarettes etc.

The owners of Baylis House, a banqueting hall, restaurant and bar, in Slough made repeated attempts to bring Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji onto their premises for the purposes of a 'Sikh' wedding service (the groom was a Christian). The local Sikh place of worship, Ramgarhia Gurdwara, which is one minutes walk away, had offered to hold the ceremony in the appropriate settings but the management and/or family refused.

Two saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were recovered peaceably. The saroops were not taken from anybody whilst they were walking - the first was hidden in a duvet on a cars passenger seat and the second from the lap of a person in a peoples carrier. Contrary to media reports, there was absolutely no violence and no one was knocked to the ground. Thames Valley Police have confirmed that no violence took place and assisted the community by agreeing that no further attempts would be made to take Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji into the Hall.

A further ''wedding' was scheduled for Sunday. In concert with the Police, it was agreed with the owners of Baylis House that no saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib would be taken onto the premises. A so called compromise was suggested i.e the use of a 'gutka' for the wedding ceremony, which it is believed refers to 'senchi''s' of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. This was rejected by the Sikh community. If anybody is offering to conduct such 'weddings', please inform GurJeevan Singh below - it is not a valid Sikh wedding.

We would like to thank all of the Sikhs, young and old, men AND women (contrary to press reports), who helped on that day. Please inform everybody you know, that taking Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji to such bars, restaurants etc is unacceptable.

Finally, if you hear of any further incidents, please contact GurJeevan Singh on 07944-445651 or email sikhalerts@yahoo.co.uk.

Respect For Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Campaign.

Tel: 07743-211135

Email: sikhalerts@yahoo.co.uk


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I'm surprised so many are saying 'the media's not being honest'...no s**t sherlock! Where've people been for the last century! Unless that is, that people actually believe all the rubbish written in the papers about Iraq, asylum seekers, muslims!?!

Now to my mind, if we don't want to see a repeat of this, Sikh activists are going to have try a little harder to not play into the media's hands and consider more carefully the media response. Angry men with beards and turbans is easy fodder for right wing press. Young Sikh protesters have, regardless of what happened, a bad reputation among the press as right wing hyper sensitive anti liberalists after the whole 'Behzti' saga. So instead, perhaps a non-aggressive blocking of the hotel by men AND women might be more helpful in future...not that I'm suggesting the incident above wasn't, just that what ever did happen has still been coloured in such a way by the press.

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URN 760 of 25/6


Protest at Sikh wedding - Slough

Police attended Baylis House in Slough on Saturday 25 June when protesters disrupted a Sikh wedding at the venue.

Staff at Baylis House alerted police to the possibility of public disorder later that day, when a Sikh wedding was due to take place. Officers were sent to assess the situation, but when they arrived just before 12 noon, they found a group of protesters already at the scene.

Approximately 30 people, both men and women, in traditional Sikh dress, were gathered around a Mercedes minibus in the car park. In the front passenger seat was the priest who was about to conduct the wedding, with the Sikh holy book on his lap.

The protesters took the holy book and, holding it above their heads as a mark of respect, carried it to the nearby Sikh Gurdwara in Woodlands Avenue. They then returned to Baylis House and continued to protest peacefully until around 1.30pm, when they dispersed into the adjacent park and the Gurdwara.

Due to the protest, the religious wedding ceremony was cancelled, although the reception went ahead that afternoon. Officers maintained a discreet presence in the area, but there were no further problems.

Police were on standby the following day (26/6), when a second Sikh wedding was scheduled at Baylis House, but this took place without incident and no protesters were present.

Detectives are currently looking into allegations of assault and criminal damage in connection with the incident. It was alleged by some of those present that the priest was threatened with a kirpan (ceremonial Sikh knife) and pushed to the ground. There were also allegations that a nearside rear tyre on the Mercedes minibus had been slashed.

We are unable to comment further on these allegations, as they are currently under investigation.

“This incident, and a previous similar protest at Baylis House, has caused some tension in the Sikh community,” said Slough Local Police Area commander, Supt Paul Tinnion. “Our detectives, supported by specialised community and race relations officers, are working with Baylis House and representatives of the Sikh community in order to resolve the matter peacefully, and prevent further incidents of public disorder.

“In situations such as this, Slough police consult an Independent Advisory Group, whose members represent the diversity of faiths and cultures in our town. It is essential to work with faith groups and local residents on investigations of this kind, to ensure they are handled sensitively and that officers have the full support of the community.”


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