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Canadian Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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I believe in England Sikhs can wear their turban and still be able to ride a motorbike. Isnt it about time Sikhs in Canada were allowed to do the same? I think the Canadian Sikh population is large enough and there are many Sikhs in places of power to bring about some changes to the helmet laws.

With that said Im picking up my new motorbike next week! Whoo hoo!!! Lets get the laws changed so I can take Barinder and Harminder on a ride!

Wot a lovely thing it is too!


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Hey Baz. There's a museum in London showing pics of some victims of road traffic accidents, including motorcyclists who WERE wearing helmets. If you saw it you would change your mind about changing the law. Your head is the one bit of kit they can't fix if you break.

Maybe a type of helmet could be developed that fixes inside the Sikh turban that would be acceptable both as a motorcycle helmet and not conflict with religious values?

Ride safely.

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How would Sikhs here feel about removing their turban to wear a helmet and then putting the pag back on once you get to your destination? It sounds like a bit of a bother to me especially if you were going to work on your bike... would it be too much of a bother?

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