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Kirpan Is Knife Says London University

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Kirpan Is Knife Says London University

Sunday 9th October, 2005

Fauja Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Ealing, UK (KP) – Amandeep Kaur a Student at a Thames Valley University, West London, this week was told to leave her lecture because she was wearing a Kirpan. Amandeep who is starting her second year of studies at the University was told that some members had expressed concern over the Kirpan. Amandeep Kaur has worn the Kirpan to University the previous year as well with no problems.

Amandeep Kaur then went to see the Dean and to her shock she was told, “It’s a knife and is illegal.†This showed the little understanding that the University in west London had of the Sikh religion and Sikh way of life.

Amandeep says what she then did, “I smiled and said Sir it’s a kirpan, a symbol of my faith and I can not remove it ever.†The dean replied “I have no knowledge of Sikhs, and will talk to the health and safety at the university.â€

It is shocking that a dean would have no knowledge of Sikhs especially in west London where there is a high number of Sikhs and Sikh Students. British Law recognises the Kirpan as a symbol of the Sikh faith and therefore allows initiated Sikhs to have it in there position legally.

Sikh Students through out UK keep Kirpan as part of the faith with no problem what so ever. For Themes Valley University to stop Amandeep Kaur is a violation of her human rights to practise there religious beliefs freely especially as the country’s law supports her.

It is hoped with the help of Sikh Student organisations she will be able to return to her classes as soon as possible with her Kirpan.

Fauja Singh can be reached at fauja.singh@panthic.org

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listen we need to make a trip and talk to the head of the uni. so lets plan it. whos up 4 it
I'd have to disagree. It would look too confrontational. I beleive that the young lady involved should prepare and present her case, and within it she should include the document from the home office clearing the Kirpan as a symbol of our faith and stating that a baptised Sikh may wear their Kirpan, Irrespective of length, while going about their daily business.

That one document alone should carry her case. However, i think to make it less confrontational, she should aslo include some paraphenelia/Literature about who we are and what we are about.

Such things should be handled sensitively and diplomatically. I think if the young lady handles this herself she will make a much more profound impression on the dean by behaving as an ambassador of Sikhs (as we all should) and connecting with him on a diplomatic level as opposed to going all hip hop and rolling up on his punkass with the Sikhawareness Massive. :LOL:

all that would acheive is to make us look confrontational and threatening, that would just confirm their fears and compound their ignorance and wouldnt do any of us any favours. This bibi is in the fortunate position that she can make a change that will benefit any other Sikhs who study there in the future.. its a blessing!

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They don't have a sikh society at Thames Valley? Or do they?

I would be surprised, since there are LOADS of sikhs in Slough.

Although, I worry about anything associated with BOSS. lol

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