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Sikh Khanda


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From my knowledge the khanda originaly was just a double edge sword, the Khanda you see nower days with the chakar, the chakar was added after the Singh Sahba movement. But i have also heard that the Khanda the nihungs wear on their dumalas is the original one. but i have also heard that we as sikhs dont really have a symbol as such.

I too am curious if anyone can let me know what really is the truth. the comments i have posted is what i have heard from others so i could be wrong.

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The Khanda that we see today in our community isn't a 20 century design, and it hasnt really got a DIRECT link to the Ardhanarishvara.

the present symbol in a "nut shell" dates from around Pre 18 century, during the misl period.

i havent really got my notes at hand, but the symbol is from the most strongest misl...which was Maharaja Runjeet singhs.

we as sikhs have more than 1 symbol to represent us.

I have for example seen Sikh Flags with a Peacocks, Lotus, Axe & snake, Bow & Arrow and various other designs.

I am sure if u pester some of the senior lads in Nidar Singhs Akhara, or just wait a few month still his book comes out, your question will be answered in detail.

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One of my known onw saying that orignal Khanda is same which we have on Nishan Sahib

"kelari" u want to say that today khanda is derived from "Ardhanarishvara"

I have saerched on net it say Khanda got 5 weapons combination showing it off in well placed manner any idea about it

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