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Whole street burnt to ashes to steal Hindu Sikh temples

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Any passionate sikh activists doing any thing to combat this injustice ?? :-

Whole street of Abbottabad Pakistan burnt to ashes to steal Hindu Sikh temples

Date: Friday, December 02 @ 10:43:08 EST

Topic: Pakistan News

Few months ago in the Pakistani Northern hilly town of ,Abbottabad, historical government record room was burnt to ashes under mysterious circumstances...

Land mafia was blammed for the destruction of property and revenue records of the town,which was built by Britishers in 1876.

Few months ago a heritage building at the corner of Gurdwara gali was sold off at a cheap price by the evacuee trust of Pakistan,..which is headed by a retired lieutenent general of Pakistan Army..

A multi storey commercial plaza got built at the site of that heritage building..

Same mafia had their eyes on the historical gurdwara gali of Abbottabad,which contained a huge hindu mandir ,a sikh gurdwara and beautiful shops containing verandahs with columns with flowery capitals.

Two days ago there was an indication about a huge fire which burnt 30 shops in this historical area of the bazaar.

No Pakistani newspaper reported this incident fire, which might have destroyed the historical area.

Fire truck of the corrupt municipal committee was located just across the street..

Issues of the fire damage of the record room and the fire of Gurdwara gali got hushed up by the authorities and they seem inter-connected.

Gurdwaras and hindu mandirs in other towns of North West Frontier province are also being grabbed for commercial plazas ,..by the mafia after paying bribes to the concerned custodians...

How fast we are losing our heritage of cultural and architectural significance...are we at the mercy of corrupt officials and mafia of Pakistan..???

It is strange that both governments of India and Pakistan could not protect this heritage.

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You idiots...

Who is selling off the buildings .. land mafia... Pakistanis .. NOT MUSLIMS.. maybe they are muslim by religion but those buildings are not being sold of in the name of islam.. They are being sold in the name of someones pocket..

So by making this an issue of one religious group against another is damn stupid.

It is unfortunate and bad what is happening and if anyone knows of a productive solution we can all make an effort to avoid any further incidences of such greed and destruction. But for Gods sake dont be stupid and blind and make his into a muslims Vs sikhs issue.

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Dear DB Ji,

Why does not Pakistani Land Mafia target Mosques over there.

Or say Madrasas which are breeding grounds of bombers of London,Delhi,NY,Baghdad,Casabalanca etc.

Say so far in India or UK das has not seeing any such thing being done by Sikhs,Hinsdus or Christians to Mosques or Madrasas.

If they do even small self defence whole Islamic world calls it attrocity against innocent Muslims.


Idiot vd Singh

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Actually bhao ji..

In one of the fires a small shrine to a peer (whose name I dont know) was also burnt down, this shrine was also connected to an open room which was used for namaz by some of the locals, To money hungry fools.. money is money it doesnt matter where it comes from or who suffers.

Im sure amrit1972 can confirm that as he has ancestors from that district.

And just because the pakistani mafia don't burn mosques still doesn't make it right to use this incident to fuel racial hatred.

And as a reminder.. The great sikh leader and commander Banda Bahadar did burn down mosques - even though he was specifically ordered not to. And we all know what happened in Ayodhya.

But to say that means all sikhs have a desire to destroy all mosques or that all hindus wish to build temples over mosques, would be idiotic.. would it not?

Especially with the recent handing over of Guru Ki Maseet to the muslim community, and we should also take note to the amount of satkar and respect the pakistanis show at Nankana Sahib. They too are muslims..

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Dear Bro DB JI,

It appears that youhaveforgottan the recent Attack on Gurudwara Nanakana Sahib Ji.

you have forgottan the Pak backed Talibans did brake a lot of idols.

there Hizbullah again did the same in Kashmeer.One Ayodhya only became more popular.

As per Job of Das it is clear that generalisation is not allowed.

Then when you talk about shrine of a peer then Wahbis Brothers find a great pleasure to burn the shrines of Sunnis Sufies,Shias or Ahmadias etc.

As per book of Bhangu we know that shrine of peer was burnt at Sadharua as they were not good with Peer Budhu Shah and Banda Singh avenge that.It was myth that due to miraclus power of Islamic holy man that shrine will never burn and Banda Singh ji broke the myth.

Guru ki maseet was bulit by Guru so that Muslims should pray and be near to Guru and Guru did convert Mata Kaula Ji and Bhai Adam Ji(Brother Amritpal Singh Ji can guide more).

but those Maseets were not bulit on Temples as what Hindus are demanding and fighting.

you need to know that not onela at Gurudwara at Lahore but Sisganj Sahib and Rakab Ganj Saheeb in Delhi are bukit on Mosques.

Hindus could not still retake but we retook.

anyway in kuwait and other middleeast nations we still do not have Gurudwaras allowed and any attempt is foiled by Govt.

Thats not only thing but in Iraq during Saddam times worship was not Allowed in Gurudwara related to First Master(Das saw that Gurudwara on TV).

Well as you have opened the Pandora Box can you ask Saudis to allow us to make a Gurudwara of first Master in Mecca?

Das here only want to say that who so ever try to play with sentments of minority is Muslim community must be ready for reprcursions.

Say Das will not do but some other will do the same,as it human nature.

The hatred is not racial but idealogical.

It is tolrant verse intolrant.

Das read old terminology of Nihungs perhaps S Hoti Mardan Sahib books.

There was type of Gurudwara called Masatgarh built by doing Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in mosque(books name is Nawab Kapur singh perhaps)

As Muslims use to kill cows in Gurudwaras as per Khuswant Singh,Singhs use to sly hogs in mosques.

Islam teaches as per wahbis an eye for an eye or tit for tat so that offender must kinow the pain of offended.

As per thier rules there msut be some lesson as Sikhs did in past. Bhangus book tells of taking away of thier female folk on the intance of Baba Vadbhag Singh in JAllandher Area.

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Guru ki maseet was bulit by Guru so that Muslims should pray and be near to Guru and Guru did convert Mata Kaula Ji and Bhai Adam Ji(Brother Amritpal Singh Ji can guide more).

Guru Ki Maseet, as we all know, was built by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji for Muslims. I think there is no link between Mata Kaula Ji and this Masjid. Gurdwara Kaulsar is built in her memory.

Guru Ki Maseet was a Maseet till 1947. Nihangs then made it Gurdwara. Now it is again a masjid though Khalsa flag is still there with consent of Muslims.

you need to know that not onela at Gurudwara at Lahore but Sisganj Sahib and Rakab Ganj Saheeb in Delhi are bukit on Mosques.

Yes, there was a mosque where Gurdwara Sees Ganj Sahib Ji is now situated. I do not know if it is true in case of Rakab Ganj Sahib. I think there was no mosque here, but not sure.

Das read old terminology of Nihungs perhaps S Hoti Mardan Sahib books.

There was type of Gurudwara called Masatgarh built by doing Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in mosque(books name is Nawab Kapur singh perhaps)

There were lots of such Gurdwaras in Punjab and Haryana. They were mosques till 1947. Then they became Gurdwaras. Such Gurdwaras are called 'Mastgarh'. A few Mastgarhs still exist in Punjab and Haryana.

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The post was not intended to get hot-heads to burn down mosques and create MORE INJUSTICE, but to ask if anything was being done to "combat the injustice" already going on.

What sensible solutions are there?

On the side, but something important which I think plagues the minds of many sikhs who are dissolutioned with the so called "Akal Purakh ki Fauj" or Guru`s "Ladlian Faujan", do any Nihangs have anything to say on the matter, . . . . is there any sense of responsibility for the prevention of such desecration amongst the Nihangs ?? (this can probably only be answered by Nihangs, so slanderers please don`t wreck the thread)

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Das never thought of Nihungs over here.Das was talking about Singh in General and Nihungs are just trunks on those roots.

Das wants to remind that recently there was a a sort of unpleaseantness betwen Vedanti Sahib ,a Taksali himself with the Taksalis of Jath Bhindran on the simsilar matter.

Vedanti Ji wanted to retrun the morque while Taksalis opposed this tooth and nail as they wanted let Gurudwara remian there.

coming to Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib.During the time of Baba Baghel Singh ji when he could find the place wheere Lakhi Shah Banjara burnt his house to creamte Guru's body.That place had a mosque over there.

There was a dispute betwen Sikhs and the Muslims na d it was decided that place be dug and after diging it a urn full of bones was found and it was dedicied that it was of Guru.

And then Gurudwara was bulit oveer there.

In Sis Ganj Sahib also though Sunheri Masjid is there but well which is in Gurudwara now was previously the part of mosque.This was the well where Guru took Bath before marterdom.

Coming to Nihungs,Das can say that das does not know what all they did when non Sikhs descreateed many Gurudwaras in India itself.

Manin thing is to teach the lesson to bad meantality.

Das thinks that Guru Ki Masset was bult in the same sense as Nirmalas have idols in thier palces.Ie to atract people from other faiths and to preach them Gurmat later on Das is not sure any way.

Das gave the instance of Mata Kuala Ji only to prove that she was Muslim lady converted to Sikhism.

Das did tell this to S Kamalroop Singh Ji also in UK just to tell Sikh boys to combat hut etc who lure Sikh girls into Islam by marying them.Das told Sikhs to marry Muslims girls and make them Sikh.

Counter offensive is there to defend and there is no other way either.

Das is repaeting that Das has more Muslim frinds then any other faith.Das behold Panth itself as true Islam.Chronoloigcal both are nearest and Panth can be termed as like sect of Islam.

People who burn temples or Gurudwaras or Mosques of opponent Sects are not Muslims and burning thier so called Moqsques is not buring mosques as it is place of non Muslims which can nver be moque.

Das is writing it due to the fact that in past often in Kashmeer or say Iraq terost use to take shelter there but Islamic schoolars often tell to follow them and if needed atack the mosque if they have made a sort of defence build up there.

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