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Sant Harnam Singh Ji Bhindrawalae in the UK


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Progamme for 300th sampoorantha of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and 300th Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's DamDami Taksal & in Loving memory of Sant Giani Kartar Singh Ji


Bhai Satvinder Singh & Harvinder Singh Delhi wale

Bhai Moinderjeet Singh Delhi wale

Bhai Gurcharan Singh Delhi wale

Bhai Kuldeep Singh & Bhai Dalbag Singh Tuhana wale

All will be taking part in a International Kirtan council Uk Atem Ras Kirtan Darbar on Sat 9th

Other Kirtani’s

Bhai Lehna Singh Damdami Taksal

Bhai Gurmej Singh Damdami Taksal

Bhai Gursharan Singh Damdami Taksal

Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Birmingham


Sant Giani Avtar Singh ji Badhny Kala

Giani Preetam Singh Ji Damdami Taksal

Bhai Satnam Singh Damdami Taksal

Bhai Balbir Singh Damdami Taksal


Jago wale and many more international Dhadi’s

Amrit Sanchaar will take place on the 9th if any one wants to take amrit and come into guru ji shara please contact

Bhervinder Singh 07985 246484 For further Details

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Das votes for Baba Dhuma but does oppose his stand on female not becoimgn 5 beloved or not doing service in mroning at Darbar Sahib.

Soul in all of us is free from race reagion,language or colour,same implies for gender.

Baba Ji said this in his magzine of Amrti Kanhdedhar that he is oppsed to female becmoing 5 beloved and other things.

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh

Sant Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhnidranwale is Jathadar as stated by Baba Thakur Singh Ji any Taksaali singh goes against these bachan cant be part of the Jatha as they are not living up to the words of THIER Jathadar Baba ji, Jathadars of Taksaal dnt go against the Bachan no matter how hard things get. bhai harnam singh and bhai ram singh have gone against this. Their are Jatha de singh who r currently carrying on with the mission started by Sant ji and carried forward by Baba ji they have set up near Amritsar Bhai Amrik singh Jathadar of the Panj and other old Taksaali singhs

bhai harnam singh and bhai ram singh have their place but they r no way on the level of Sant ji or Baba ji, plus Sant ji nor Baba ji elected these ppl.


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Guest Javanmard

I think Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranvale should come up with a statement about this issue because it's really dividing people and only creating further conflict. It would be nice to see what he thinks of all this situation.

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Guest Javanmard

Well...I don't miss any camp... I hate camps...never been part of any... and the only few hours I spent at the SSC was to meet a friend. I just don't believe in bon fire and guitar sikhi.

Regarding DDT: if Sant Jarnail Singh is still alive as you guys pretend he is it's pretty simple: He should just do like the other Salafi zalim send a cassette to a TV channel or use the internet. Why not a Sant Jarnail Singh blog:"Echoes of Exile: the Jarnail Singh Files". It'd be a great piece of sociology indeed. And it would spare DDT the worries of having to deal with internal fights between jathedars. It is pretty simple after all...

To Sant Jarnail Singh if he is reading these lines:

Please drop these guys a line, they just can't decide which guy to follow. I am sure where you live there has got to be an internet café or a connexion.

kind regards


ps. never had alcohol problems. AA would find me boring...

If Sant Harnam Singh preaches about goodness and loving God than I am happy and I am sure he does that. Past is past, let DDT start a new page in its history. I am sure under his guidance it will reach the serenity it needed for years, provided DDT starts controlling its Western branches a bit more strictly. Too many people call each themselves Taksali without even having studied at the Taksal. A shame really...

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Many a guys say that Sampat and Chaliha is same as Hindu Havan.Das was wondering if they have visited the Chilla of sufi or read old Testment where Loban or insense in burnt in alter.

Anyway regarding Sant Ji.Bhai Bahadur Singh ji can understand and das request Bhai Jhamka Ji to understand.

With Brahm Vidiya it is possible to swap sprit from one body to another.If Adi Sanakara or Matesendra Nath can do it with yoga,Sant Ji had Brahm vidiya in hand.

Das just want you to verify if Bhai RanJit Singh of Dhadriayan or what people say Sant Ranjit Singh of Dhadriyan,had spirit of Sant Ji in him.As in tibbetian Lamas,we know body is swapped by spirit.So just check it out.Das doubts.Bhai Bahadur Singh can see many thing normal human can not see.So he may reach some conclusion and Bhai Jhanka ji try it your self or take help of some Mahapurush to confirm it.

Das anyway is too lower and just dust to understand the ways of Sant Mahapurush.(on many things das may not agree to Sant Ji or Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji yet das respect both and behold them higher then das).

Kindly look into it.

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I'm impressed by what Baba Harnam Singh Ji has been doing in Punjab, he was round the corner only a few days ago doing a program. Lots of katha and lectures, a genuine interest in putting effort into changing the future of sikhi for the better. I agree with Vijaydeep Singh ji about his stance on women is a bit dated, but within the context of bihangam khalsa, quite predictable.

I think it will be interesting if some of the youth actually do say something to him so they find out just where they stand. Taksal is returning to its traditional strengths. I wonder how many of those on here including SSJhamka have actually read or heard any of Sant Gurbachan Singh ji's writings? If they had and taken it in, I doubt there would be any issue about Baba Harnam Singh's actions and maryada.

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For example, my gurdev was telling me how Baba Harnam Singh attended a big antim ardas for a local well respected grihisthi Nirmala Mahant (whose son was Baba Beant Singh Langarwale by the way), that has to be the first 'Nirmala proper' (i.e. panchayati and bhaagva) smagam Taksal have visited in a long time? As a further note of interest, the previous mahant of the dera back before partition was Mahantni Mata Kishan Kaur Ji.

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i think taksal are heading back to their trqaditional roots and i think the work done by baba harnam singh is good. i also have great respect for the other sants that are from taksal such as baba ram singh and baba mohan singh. i do not care for polotics i just want the message of sikhi to be conveyed again to the world in the way that used to be.

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both teh Great Jathedars ie Baba Ram Singh Ji and Baba Dhuma Ji also are doing a great job by stoping Baba Asutos Ji's work in punajb and that also idelogicaly.

And das recently visited Damdam Sahib on 300 years of its birth cnetinary.Das was ahppy to hear the Three names with great respect.

Gyani Mohan Singh ji as great Tapi.

Baba Harnam Singh Ji(das saw him also on stage).

Baba Ram Singh Ji.

There were many good sweets itmes been served in langer but as das was suffering fro colitis(docter thoght das had it with eating meat but later it reapeared and root cause was swiming). So das took Langer from sgce run Takhat Sahib of Prasada(Breads) and Dala(lentils) with bottle gourd in that.

Das was happy to see that he took food after so much time and was digested.And das returend happy from there.

Taksal has anyway published the name of 18 great Sikhs who were attting BrahmGyan after Guru made Gurbani come to them.Das will soon put thier names.

Anyway coming to women issue.there are two ways.one is to oppse and enter debate and other person becomes your foe.And das recomneds the other way,ie to be freind and talk and try to coax.

As such even at the time of Guru if at all female were not baptised or made five beloved one.Guru Khalsa can let them do that now.Das is not against traditon but Duja Bhav or sense of anything differnt from God,Same God is as much in female as that is in male and there could be hradly any troble if she takes role of five beloved as male had.

Rest panth is better positoned to decide.

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you forgot the name of the third front led by Baba Amrik Singh jathadar and other Taksaali singhs who are sticking with the bachan and the teaching of the Taksaal.

it was not 18 singhs who got brahm gyan the total was i think 52 every single one that had santhia got brahm gyan


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