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Bhravan da Dhaba


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I woke up this morning with a real craving - a craving for Daal makhni and Lacheydar Parothe from 'The Bhravan Da Dhaba' in Amritsar -

Now its Lunch time and the craving is getting worse and all I've got are Cheese Sandwiches and a Club Biscuit !!

I've searched the net and found this picture - The closest I'm gonna get to the real thing --- It's given me itchy feet - I need to go to Amritsar !!

Apologies if I've given you a rumbly Tummy - or made your own lunch seem like its not hitting the right spot!!


I'm not a greedy guts honest -- OK I might be a bit of a Lard Arse - but I aint Greedy !

I dont know how this post warrants being in the Sikh picture Posts - I just had to unburden myself of that particular craving - I feel a little bit better now - must be that Mint Club.

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Thats classic Dynamic ! - Yes I am married but 'Her indoors' has gone to the in laws for a few days - so I have had a few - like you say - 'itches' of all kinds !

Haven't resorted to any 'extra curricular activities' on the net - involving a certain 'Tommy Tank' - well not yet !!

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