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I am back from my time in india. it was brilliant. got given all sorts of things for the net.

Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae gave me two of their books calles 'Suhail Parkash' and 'Bhannu Parkash'. The second of which is to be released april 07. these have both been given to me in computer format for adobe pagemaker. is their anyone who can host these two books for all to downloadn and read. the knowledge containied within is worth it and baba ji wants them to be distributed freely on the net along with 4 other books i will put on slowly.

please contact me if you can help

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I was just reading about Pandit Bhaan Singh Nyay Martand today from whom Pandit Suhail Singh Ji learned hikmat. The book I've got has a good photo of him in there too. Whats Bhannu Prakash about then, and how is it better?

Also Kam, did you get chance to find out about another granth that Herkhowal Dera pulished a while ago, I forget the title, but by Swami Jagdish Hari Ji Herkhowal (I think its 'jagdish').

(Kam I've also pm-ed you about the Bhavrasamrit question you had. I checked some old copies yesterday, nothing to worry about).

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Tsingh, i have pm'd you

the bhannu parkash is is the same format as the suhiail parkash has lots more knowledge it it. it is rather like an encyclopedia of vedant and gurmat knowledge rather then a book like the suhail parkash.

did not ask about the other book but could find out from baba ji next week when i phone them

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