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Sarbloh Guru Darbar


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the few shabads were done by myself at a reading we had. that was what was posted before.

I knwo Ustad Niddar Singh has the full recordings of the Dasam Granth but not even he has recordings of Sri Sarbloh.

The Namdharis have almost completed the full recordings of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Dasam Granth on 2 disc MP3 sets. Will be available in a few months

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to be honest however I feel that the mass release of sarbloh granth wouldnt be a good thing, at the moment only those who appreciate and undertand it have it, and even they are very very quiet about the contents of sri gur sarbloh granth sahib ji, hence the very abstract steek of Sarbloh granth printed by Buddhadal.

I think the release of the sarbloh granth in two volumes by Baba Santa Singh, was a way to ensure it didnt just disapear but without the full appreciation of the bani it can become more confusing and (even hated by some groups of sikhs with their views) if misunderstood.

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I am quoting from someone signature regarding sarbloh guru darbar:

"The difference in Dasam Guru Durbar and Sarbloh Guru Durbar is that although Bir Ras (warrior essence) is born of Dasam Guru Durbar, it is Sarbloh Guru Durbar which gives an individual's warrior essence an everlasting, final and complete lethal cutting edge.

With contemplation of Dasam Guru Durbar, ‘Chandi chr jandi te uttar jandi heh’, meaning 'spirit of war comes and goes'. With the contemplation of Sarbloh Guru Durbar, ‘Chandi sda chri rhendi heh’ meaning, one is always intoxicated in the spirit of war against ignorance.

Thus it was from the Sarbloh Guru Durbar that the Khalsa of the Misl Period drew its greater strength and prowess. That is why Sarbloh Guru Durbar was the most secret and guarded of Sikh religious texts. Englishmen like Malcolm easily managed to procure the Adi Guru Granth and take it to Calcutta to study it. Colebrooke even managed to get his scheming hands on the Dasam Guru Durbar as well.

However, the Sarbloh Guru Granth Ji because of it being guarded deep in the sanctuary of the Akali Nihang Dals, nevermind getting a hand on it, no invader never even heard of its existance."

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