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Nihang Niddar Singh ji accusations

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Sangat Ji,

I am not posting this recent article which I read on Tapoban sahib to cause trouble, but simply to make the said Akaara's Nihangs on this forum aware as many accusations have been made against Nihang Ji.

I do understand that this has probably occured on numerous occasions on numersous sites in the past, none the less, someone may feel the need to correct elements of which they have personal experience and feel are wrongly represented (of which there seem to be quite a few).!


Niddar Singh and other individuals

Author: Pwalla!

Date: 02-21-07 14:07

Nidar ‘Singh’ and individuals

Firstly daas would like to apologise for this article it will probably be a waste of daas’s time and also the sangat reading it, but it needs to be said; daas is 100% against this individuals. Sorry if this offends any one but we need to realise the facts about people against the panth.

Nidar calls himself the “Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Gurdevâ€. Sanatan meaning the most ancient, they believe that in the Khalsa Panth, people such as Udasis, Seva panthis, Nirmalas should be included but these people fail to follow Guru Gobind Singhs rehit. Agreed that the Udasis fought with Guru Gobind Singh ji Mahraj against the Rajas and Mughals but without rehit how can such people be called the Sikhs of the Guru?

Rehitnama says:

Ja Kee REHIT na janiya Gurbani, Tin Ka Bhojan Kai Keh Bisreh Har Kee Preet

One who doesn’t follow the instructions of Guru’s Bani one will forget the love of God if there food is eaten.

They call bhagats such as Bhagat Kabir ji a Muslim but they don’t have a clue about Bhagat Kabir jis bani. This is what Bhagat Jee says:

Awsw ]

aasaa ||


ihMdU qurk khw qy Awey ikin eyh rwh clweI ]

hi(n)dhoo thurak kehaa thae aaeae kin eaeh raah chalaaee ||

Where have the Hindus and Muslims come from? Who put them on their different paths?

idl mih soic ibcwir kvwdy iBsq dojk ikin pweI ]1]

dhil mehi soch bichaar kavaadhae bhisath dhojak kin paaee ||1||

Think of this, and contemplate it within your mind, O men of evil intentions. Who will go to heaven and hell? ||1||

kwjI qY kvn kqyb bKwnI ]

kaajee thai kavan kathaeb bakhaanee ||

O Qazi, which book have you read?

pVHq gunq AYsy sB mwry iknhUM Kbir n jwnI ]1] rhwau ]

parrhath gunath aisae sabh maarae kinehoo(n) khabar n jaanee ||1|| rehaao ||

Such scholars and students have all died, and none of them have discovered the inner meaning. ||1||Pause||

skiq snyhu kir suMniq krIAY mY n bdaugw BweI ]

sakath sanaehu kar su(n)nath kareeai mai n badhougaa bhaaee ||

Because of the love of woman, circumcision is done; I don't believe in it, O Siblings of Destiny.

jau ry Kudwie moih qurku krYgw Awpn hI kit jweI ]2]

jo rae khudhaae mohi thurak karaigaa aapan hee katt jaaee ||2||

If God wished me to be a Muslim, it would be cut off by itself. ||2||

suMniq kIey qurku jy hoiegw Aaurq kw ikAw krIAY ]

su(n)nath keeeae thurak jae hoeigaa aourath kaa kiaa kareeai ||

If circumcision makes one a Muslim, then what about a woman?

ArD srIrI nwir n CofY qw qy ihMdU hI rhIAY ]3]

aradhh sareeree naar n shhoddai thaa thae hi(n)dhoo hee reheeai ||3||

She is the other half of a man's body, and she does not leave him, so he remains a Hindu. ||3||

Cwif kqyb rwmu Bju baury julm krq hY BwrI ]

shhaadd kathaeb raam bhaj bourae julam karath hai bhaaree ||

Give up your holy books, and remember the Lord, you fool, and stop oppressing others so badly.

kbIrY pkrI tyk rwm kI qurk rhy pichwrI ]4]8]

kabeerai pakaree ttaek raam kee thurak rehae pachihaaree ||4||8||

Kabeer has grasped hold of the Lord's Support, and the Muslims have utterly failed. ||4||8||

“Chatka Shastar Vidiya Ustad Nihang Nidar Singh†seems to be confused about Sikhi. They believe that a non-Amritdhari person is part of the Khalsa panth such as the Udasis, which is against Gurmat it self. These people look at history but they fail to realise what Guru Sahib’s says and also what Guru’s hukam is. They don’t follow Mahrajs hukam so how can they get liberation?

One who hasn’t took Amrit hasn’t got a Satguru:

suir nr muin jn locdy so siqguir dIAw buJwie jIau ]4]

sur nar mun jan lochadhae so sathigur dheeaa bujhaae jeeo ||4||

The angelic beings and the silent sages long for Him; the True Guru has given me this understanding. ||4||

And what Guru Sahib says about those who haven’t taken this Amrit:

ibnu siqgur mukiq n pweIAY mnmuiK iPrY idvwnu ]

bin sathigur mukath n paaeeai manamukh firai dhivaan ||

Without the True Guru, the self-willed manmukhs do not find liberation; they wander around like lunatics.

The work that the RSS is doing is confusing people with pictures such as the mool mantar with the OM sign and Guru Gobind Singh ji with the hindu demi-gods are respected as one, when it says in GurBani that;

gur kI Bgiq krih ikAw pRwxI ]

gur kee bhagath karehi kiaa praanee ||

O mortal being, what devotional worship have you performed to the Guru?

bRhmY ieMidR mhyis n jwxI ]

brehamai ei(n)dhr mehaes n jaanee ||

Even Brahma, Indra and Shiva do not know it.

Niddar and others are comparing Guru Nanak – Guru Gobind Singh to these demi-gods and worshipping by bowing there heads towards these demi-god idols and respecting them at the same level as the true Guru. After reading the above Gurbani tukhs how can demi-gods such as Shiva, Brahama and Vishnu be at the same level as Guru Nanak dev ji when Guru Nanak Dev ji was Akal Purakh himself?

gur goivMdu guoivMdu gurU hY nwnk Bydu n BweI ]4]1]8]

gur govi(n)dh guovi(n)dh guroo hai naanak bhaedh n bhaaee ||4||1||8||

The Guru is God, and God is the Guru, O Nanak; there is no difference between the two, O Siblings of Destiny. ||4||1||8||

Nidar is attracting the youth with his Santan Shatar Vidiya, but Sangat Ji how can this get you liberation if there is no Gurmat alive or Naam present, one who goes to Nidar will not be able to make a good Gursikh Jeevan and won’t be inspired to the basics such as wake up Amritvela and Jap Gurmantar. How can you when Nidar goes to the Mandir himself in the morning? If you want to be spending your time in the Mandir and bowing down to the Idols then that is up to the individual but it is NOT Gurmat (Guru teachings), and Guru Gobind Singh ji WILL NEVER GIVE YOU HIS DARSHAN.

guru pUrw ByitE vfBwgI jn nwnk kqih n Dwvhu ]2]3]31]

gur pooraa bhaettiou vaddabhaagee jan naanak kathehi n dhhaavahu ||2||3||31||

By great good fortune, servant Nanak has met with the Perfect Guru, and now, he will not go anywhere else. ||2||3||31||

Nidar supports the Udasis and Nirmalas also favours celibacy, another Hindu tendency, but how can he be challenging other gursikhs of the Khalsa Panth, he openly challenges Gatka Ustaads so that he can show off his Vidiya and proves that he is stronger then other Naam Kamai gursikhs, but this person is clever. He believes that the Sikhs moved away from the 'pluralistic' Hindu tradition

under the influence of the Singh Sabha movement, my friend you are very confused. He would appear to be more of a Gursikh if he spent his time fighting against the external threats to the Panth but instead he is an external threat.

vYr ivroD imty iqh mn qy ] hir kIrqnu gurmuiK jo sunqy ]

vair virodhh mittae thih man thae || har keerathan guramukh jo sunathae ||

Hatred and alienation depart from those who, as Gurmukh, listen to the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.

How can these people be anywhere when they haven’t realised the above truth. Going to such places and learning off such people will only bring hatred into your hearts towards other Gursikhs which is not a good thing. As Gursikhs we should have love for each other. Gursikh’s like Bhai Keniya had love for even the enemy mughal forces and yet people like Niddar hate even the site of a Gursikh who wears bana and challenges them to fights.

haumY nwvY nwil ivroDu hY duie n vsih iek Twie ]

houmai naavai naal virodhh hai dhue n vasehi eik t(h)aae ||

Ego is opposed to the Name of the Lord; the two do not dwell in the same place.

It is not right for someone to call them self Sanatan Sikhi and go around challenging other Gursikhs. The above Gurbani tells us that where a Gursikh has ego, Guru’s Shabad doesn’t dwell there. Niddar goes around and only his website challenges Gursikhs, this is pure ego as he wants to show he is the best. This evidently shows he hasn’t got no Gursikhi Jeevan, no devotional worship of the true Guru, and only a martial artist, where as Guru Sahib has told his Sikhs to be the Gursikh who has the fundamentals of Sikhi such as Nimerta, piyaar for other Gursikhs, Rehit etc and at the same time being a brave warrior who knows martial study.

A Gursikh told daas about the time when he challenged Nidar, they met up at a park. Nidar at first told one of his students to fight, when bhai sahib and Nidars chela had a Hadh Thor match (breaking of bones), the gursikh sent him to hospital, bhai sahaib also had injuries but he soon recovered, then it was Nidars turn as soon as they met Nidar hugged the Singh and sweet talked the Singh also refusing to fight. A few other Gatka Usttads have also challenged him but he backed down, some from India. A few of Daas brothers have also seen a few videos with Nidar losing against other gurikshs, its because they have jeevans they read bani and jaap naam, where as Nidar takes drugs and eats meat, bows to Idols, follows the Baman tradition, which is totally against sikhi itself.

This is pure Bipran Kee Reet. Only Gursikhs who strive to stay away from such Reet (ways) are blessed with Sant-sipahi, whilst the ones who go into Birpran Kee Reet (the ways of the Bamans or other ways) loose all Tej-prataap (power and strength). Guru Gobind Singh has said this.

jb lg Kwlsw rhy inAwrw ] qb lg qyj dIau mYN swrw ]

So long as Khalsa retains his distinct identity, I will give him my entire radiance and strength

jb ieh ghY ibprn kI rIq ] mYN n kroN ien kI pRqIq ]

But if he should take on a non-Sikh way of life, then I shall have no confidence in him and withdraw my support and protection.

Evidently, from the above lines from Sarbloh Granth we can see that Niddar has choosen the path of Hinduism whilst putting a display of a Sikh. He has no true strength as he hasn’t remained distinct as a Khalsa.

I would like to do a benti to gursikhs out there, who are falling in to the trap of Nidar and his followers. Please restrain from going to his classes, a lot of gurikhs have said to daas that we should learn his Vidiya and not get in to what he says, but this is not possible, there have been individuals who thought the same but now because of the sangat they did with Nidar (which has a big influence on ones jeevan) it changed their ways such as; eating meat, drinking alchohol, cutting hair, doing drugs. Which is totally against Gurmat.

ku~Tw hu~kw crs qmwkU ] gWjw topI qwVI KwkU ] ien kI Er n kbhU dykY ] rihqvMq so isMG ivsyKY ]

kut(h)aa hukaa charas thamaakoo || gaa(n)jaa ttopee thaarree khaakoo || ein kee our n kabehoo dhaekai || rehithava(n)th so si(n)gh visaekhai ||

Meat, opium, drugs and tobacco. Ganja, wearing hats, another's woman and alcohol. He who never even gazes at these evils. Recognise them as my disciplined Singh.

The above is Rehitnama by Bhai Desa Singh. Even if they believe in meat then there is their own view but why do they do other things such as have immoral relationships with girls, go to clubs, drink alcohol, eat KFC meat, and other activities which are only to fulfil their desires, which is not what Guru Sahib wants. Example:- A Bibi in Coventry UK, started to go to Niddar’s lesson to gain vidiya. Niddar put his views forward and confused the Bibi. This Bibi who was once a Keskhee adorned, Amritdhari Bibi has now gone to a faithless way of living by changing her appearance, smoking, drinking, and flirting with men at clubs. Similar occurancies have happened WITH A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE!

Daas saw an incident when Nidar came to challenge a Gursikh, he would not abide by the rules, he said he wanted a Hadh Thor match where one wins over breaking the other persons bones. This is full of Hankar (ego), which a sikh doesn’t have. If another Sikhs challenges another gursikh shows the bad karam that this person has, show off how much you want Nidar when the Jamjooths come and grab you by the hair, then you will be crying for help. Later on supporters of Niddar and gursikhs from the Panth got in to a fight, which was very disheartening. Nidaar in his Jakkare in his ardaasa puts down other gursikhs, in his jakare he makes mockery of other Gatka Jathe and Gursikhs.

iPkw boil ivgucxw suix mUrK mn Ajwx ]

fikaa bol viguchanaa sun moorakh man ajaan ||

Harsh words bring only grief. Listen, O foolish and ignorant mind!

There is a sakhi of Guru Har Gobind Sahib ji going to a destination with his Sikhs, on the way they find that a snake has come in front of the guru. The guru smiled but the Sikhs got worried and asked if they could destroy it before it harms any one. Guru Sahib just told them to wait, a few minutes later the snake burst. Out of the snake insects came out. The Sikhs asked the guru what does this mean, the guru replied that this snake was a fake Guru in his last life and the insects were eating him from inside were his slaves, he came to mahraj to pardon his mistakes. You will see that these kinds of people like Nidar will have to suffer but he will take the people that are with him, so why are we destroying the chance we got for a Vidiya, over the happiness of the guru. Shastar Vidiya is good but what point is there of such a vidiya which will destroy your chance to meet with the Guru and become one with Waheguroo, which ideally is the only reason we are here.

BeI prwpiq mwnuK dyhurIAw ]

bhee paraapath maanukh dhaehureeaa ||

This human body has been given to you.

goibMd imlx kI ieh qyrI brIAw ]

gobi(n)dh milan kee eih thaeree bareeaa ||

This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe.

Avir kwj qyrY ikqY n kwm ]

avar kaaj thaerai kithai n kaam ||

Nothing else will work.

imlu swDsMgiq Bju kyvl nwm ]1]

mil saadhhasa(n)gath bhaj kaeval naam ||1||

Join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; vibrate and meditate on the Jewel of the Naam. ||1||

Niddar is trying to make an organisation of people spreading this Manmat views and trying to split the Panth, he has also gone to other countries to spread his views. A few Gursikhs from Glasgow poured their heart to daas and shared there feelings, they found that this cult is destroying their sangat and the people they love.

Nidar is harming the panth and the people that daas loves, this is why daas has taken some time out and wrote the sangat the things that are in daas heart. I beg you please stay away from such a person, who will only bring your Sikhi down. Daas is not sacred of telling the truth, daas is only scared of the almighty God, but daas cannot take no more from such a dusht of the panth, if people want to put daas down then that is your blessings to me. Please do ardaas for Niddar and his followers because there is no benefit for them in Dharga (court of god) Daas has pity on you!


mwieAw kwrin DwvhI mUrK log Ajwn ]

maaeiaa kaaran dhhaavehee moorakh log ajaan ||

For the sake of Maya, the fools and ignorant people run all around.

khu nwnk ibnu hir Bjn ibrQw jnmu isrwn ]28]

kahu naanak bin har bhajan birathhaa janam siraan ||28||

Says Nanak, without meditating on the Lord, life passes away uselessly. ||28||

Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, waheguroo ji ki fateh!

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its coming from same old people who have hindu phobia syndrome.

leaving authors comments regarding nihang niddar singh aside, since i havent met him so i cannot really pass any judgement on his character good or bad, however author comments on udasi's that are not sikhs because of their rehit, its not suprising at all because its coming from people who beleive to an extreme that sachkhand only belongs to gursikhs, and peradars in sachkhand darbar are big sarblohi rehitdhari bibeki singhs to make sure only amritdhari, keshadari and sarbloh bibeki are allowed in sachkhand, hell if it was to these sharia panthis they will outcast/excommunciate everyone else in the panth, declare themselves as true representation of khalsa panth.

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LOL... These people can cook up any kind of hate-filled propaganda in seconds.. if only that force can be used for good :LOL:

Gurbani says: Jis Andar Taat Prai Hove, Tis Da Kade Na Hove Bhala.

People who do these kind of hatefilled slandering 'burn' in this world and most likely the next.. little do they realise hatred only attracts more hatred.

Victory to Sewapanthis!


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A good post giving insight into Niddar Singh and his thinking. A lot of what he says is true, but a lot is rubbish. make up your own minds. The status of the Udasis is in question. The Panth outcaste the udasi after 1921, but then regretted this decision and made provisions for their former status to be reinstated in 1973. Becasue of this 60 year gap in which there was no mil jor with the panth, a lot of young Sikhs believe that these people were never Sikhs. This is not true. The Udasi panth were always respected until their own doing in the 1800s and early 1900s, when they began to rape and kill pilgrims. while the Akali Nihnag Singh panth watched quietly.

But this chatanga will state now and people make up your own minds. The Udasis and Nihangs while in theory still cling to the traditions of the past , they do not practise them. The udasis still worship idols even tho we know this is pure manmat. also thier bana includes jatta. which Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Jee stated in Bachitar Natak he wont allow his Sikhs to wear jatta. Things like this. Many things like this the udasis have abandoned the ways of their ancestors. So have the nihangs even though they are not a guru ordained sampradye as Niddar Singh wants us to beleive. The only sampradye with any credit is the nirmala and sewa panthis. These people have followed Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singhs hukam, also the nirmala have moved slightly over to vedanta. So many things icould write, but theres only 1 chatanga. Also Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Jee never challenged anyone to a fight, but always fought agrresion. so Niddar Singh or anyone else should not be aggressive or try to challenge anyonbe else. Its manmat to do this. Guru Jee has shown us the way. Follow it to the best of your ability.

victory to the panth


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When he challenges people, its not to do with ego, its to get better at Shastar Vidiya, not boost his ego. You only get better at Shastar Vidiya with practice, go to any Kung Fu classes its the same. People use this to say that he is trying to have a fight with anyone. People out there all the time say that they can take Niddar Singh on (either because they hate him or they wanna see whats Shastar Vidiya's about), then he says ok then. He doesn't ask people to challenge him nor does he want to back down from a challenge, this is a Nihang Mentality. People also think he doesn't do Jaap but in every class he quotes bani from Guru Granth Sahib by heart and even once taught everyone how to do Simran when he started to introduce Sanjam Kiriya into the Akara. I bet does people at sikhsangat.com havent told you this.

People always try to point out something wrong with him and find it hard to point out what's wrong with themselves to begin with. Niddar Singh is the only Baba which is currently teaching Shastar Vidiya. No Baba Ji in India even teaches Shastar Vidiya anymore because all the babay that where teaching Shastar Vidiya even Niddar Singhs Usted passed away and no one else wants to teach no more.

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When you say that Niddar Singh is challenging others its to get better at shastarvidya, is it the same as George Bush taking counties to war to get better military strength? Cos dats what it sounds like to me. Who knew more about shastarvidya than Akali Nihang Guru Gobind SIngh Ji? Who did Guru Ji go around challenging to prove himself? Dont be an apologist for Niddar Singh.


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Veer Chatanga Ji,

Thats not really comparable, Nihang Ji's challenge doesn't include blowing up and decimating whole civilistions and cultures, whilst causing the deaths of hundreds of people on a daily basis.

What exactly was the point of Holla Mohalla?

How did the Khalsa's legendery fighting skills become honed to such perfection?

It wasn't by gently play fighting with your friends or holding national sports competitions which restrict actual fighting by 90%. There had to have been realistic close to death sparring sessions in order to prepare one for real war?

Even in the Chinese and Japanese martial traditions, Masters have fought

each other in order to improve their skills, gain a higher understanding, highlight their weaknesses etc...

It's very easy to have peaceful image of our history, but the truth is, the Khalsa instilled terror in the heart of their foes, with their ferociousness and mastery of fighting, historical references including Mughal ones state this. I cannot believe they fought with "shant" and smiles on their faces.

In reality, one is not going to be much of a soldier if they have never faced death, or at least experienced a few bruises ?

I do not have knowledge of the circumstances of these challenges so can't comment on them, but in my opinion, it would definately be for the benefit of the panth if higher level practitioners could learn from each other, and thus strengthen their own schools in doing so, and may be even develop a mutual respect and end hostility.

I don't think the term "Had Thor" is a UK invention.

As always, I would suggest rather than theorising on Forums, individuals who disagree with someones actions i.e. Nihang Ji's, should go their Akaara and ask them and challenge their thinking in person, rather than judging on Forums.


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When you say that Niddar Singh is challenging others its to get better at shastarvidya, is it the same as George Bush taking counties to war to get better military strength? Cos dats what it sounds like to me. Who knew more about shastarvidya than Akali Nihang Guru Gobind SIngh Ji? Who did Guru Ji go around challenging to prove himself? Dont be an apologist for Niddar Singh.


Please don't put words in my mouth. I didn't even think of it in the way you probably by thought I did. Of course Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the master. But during the time of Guru Hargobind Ji, Guru Ji had Akaray where he would teach wrestling. How your going to have wrestling matches without having the knowledge to how to do it or getting better at it? A warrior always respects its foes abilities but in reality there is no foe.

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The reason why he doesn't teach sword fighting is because swords are at a higher level in terms of speed and you have to work up to that level, if you dont know what your doing then its going to get bloody. The students in the midlands can spire with swords because they have trained longer. The unarmed panteray can also be applyed to armed panteray, this is why theres more training done unarmed and surprisingly I've heard the other day they theres even a pantera that is used for underwater fighting. But people want a shortcut and go straight to swords, this is why they go to gatkha akaray thinking there'll be able to handle a sword when there other things to think about at the same time like not swinging the sword behind me because I might hit my fellow Sikh. In Gatkha they swing the sword so far back they it'll hit anyone (in battle even your own men), in Shastar Vidiya, if you have to swing a sword behind you have to make it touch your body. In Shastar Vidiya you fight Vanguard.

Guru Hargoind Ji used to train his Sikhs for 15 years before they were allowed to the battlefield.

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Chatanga Ji,

From what I have been told (and am sure it can be backed up by discussion with Akaali Bazurg today), during the turn of the century, sparring was done with shastar, not just amongst Khalsai akaarai, but also with the Muslim equivelants, and many a time a limb was cut or even chopped off. If the person survived and was able to, he would then learn from his victor, who was obliged to teach those he defeated as reward for the looser having the courage to fight in teh 1st place, I have heard Akaali Baba Santa Singh Ji, has seen (and spoken of) these bloody sparring sessions during his youth.

RUPZ Ji, I accept that Sikh soldiers would have needed many years training to achive their divine standards, but what about when war was unexpected, or large losses were incurred, would there not then be a need for less well trained or even untrained Sikhs to pick up the sword to defend their families, panth, rights?

For this common scenario, surely there would have been a shorter more direct method of training (albeit the soldiers not being anywhere near as skilled)? I may be wrong?

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There are training methods for the average soldier, effective formation fighting which can be practised and is easily taught within a short period of time. Only a handful would become top skilled fighters, ones who could take on 5-10-20-50-100 warriors at a time, but this of course would require a whole lifetime dedication and constant abhihaas of the vidiya.

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