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general sikhi questions

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hi im preet from malaysia. i'd like to ask a few general general questions regarding sikhi.

firstly, can sikhs eat beef?s i know, the main concept is a sikh cant eat any halaal meat? what is the beef is not halaal? are we sikhs only influence d by hindus in india?

secondly, can sikh guys masturbate? jus curious coz it has been an agenda and a controversial in malaysia

pls do reply

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Preet - the Sikh Rehit Maryada simply mentions not to eat Halal meat. So let's work on this basis (i.e. if you wish to be vegetarian, vegan, etc that's fine too, if you wish to restrict yourselves to eggs and fish and lean white meat -these are all personal decisions).

The Beef issue is a cultural one and nothing to do with "Hinduism" per se. Cows are domesticated animals in India, including rural Punjab where many families own a cow. It thus has the same status as that of a Dog in most western countries...so when the Beef-eating European sees a China man eating dog meat he is up in arms because its considered barbaric to eat a domesticated animal (however dogs are predominanly domesticated in the West) unknowing that Indians find his beef eating equally repulsive.

It is simply a matter of cultural space.

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I asked a scholar once about eating beef, and he said that you have your mothers milk for a year of your life. A cows milk for the rest of your life. Would ytou ever think of killing your mother for foood? Then why think of killing a cow for food. He message was that we should not be Nimak-haraami.

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I agree with both niranjana and chatanga on the eating beef..

however if it some how ends up in my stomach it was all hukam :D

Sikh guys doing the five finger shuffle question, in my opinion if you control your kaam and thats one way to do it then so be it, however there are alternatives to also help reduce kaam like yoga etc

if its just for the fun of it.. well its like the eating beef, if it happens its all Hukam.

haha !

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