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Namdhari Raag Keertan Videos


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There really is no need for any of this on the internet really. Only gives material to fantic numb-nuts to insult. Please remove them as far as I know these are copyrighted material. If I'm not mistaken all Namdharis are respectful of your Guru and do not put any miserable quality video of your Panth's Ragis doing Kirtan before your Guru etc on the internet. Please exercise the same respect and discretion as the digital video format's quality is very low and so is the sound. If we need to put our Kirtan online, we will do it ourselves as we have the means to do so.

Many thanks.

Fateh Singh

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fatehsingh lol it seems your a bigger fanatic then the fanatics.

Sure some people will point and laugh but others would have just smiled and loved the anand of the kirtan and darshan of the Mahapursh.

I think the fanatics claim of naamdharis not being part of Sikhi is stupid but it would appear you also agree with this them and us mentality by implying its your secret kirtan to distribute as you lot please. Sure I agree it is copywrited but thats why it was such crap quality for those who cant get hold of the bheni Sahib material at least they can be exposed to the kirtan and if the ras hits their hearts they can go searching for a better quality version.

I didnt even get a chance to see all the vids you evil naamdhari !

I hope you get a black mark on your white shirt ! :P

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Dynamic my boy... its all in the presentation.. There are Namdhari Kirtan videos available for downloading from Namdhari websites. Those are of very good quality as well in fact.

These sites like utube glutube and what not offer CBV function (curse below the videos) so those who upload these videos and cause the cursings sadly become the initiators of Sant-nindya... I just didn't want our good friend Kam to be burdened with such a sin..

Fateh Singh

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