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Vasakhi stabbing - Birmingham

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Apparently it was Gurdwara committees fighting, with many middle aged Singhs invloved, disgraceful.

Man stabbed amid festival trouble

Police closed Handsworth Park after the disturbance

A man is in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed during violence in the West Midlands that left more than 10 other people injured.

Police closed Handsworth Park in Birmingham after trouble flared at the Vaisakhi event, held as part of Sikh new year celebrations.

During the incident the man, thought to be in his 50s, was stabbed three times.

Six other people suffered significant injuries, including head wounds, West Midlands Ambulance Service said.

'Difficult incident'

They and two others, with lacerations and bruising, were taken to hospital. Doctors treated other people at the park.

The ambulance service said staff also attended incidents in other parts of Handsworth, including a call to a woman, aged in her 50s, who had collapsed unconscious.

Hundreds of Sikhs had been expected to join a procession from the High Street in Smethwick to the park.

A spokesman said they were initially called out at about 1500 BST on Sunday.

Arterial bleed

"There is no doubt that this was a difficult incident for all of the crews, but they did an excellent job providing care to a range of injuries ranging from minor to severe," he said.

"We would like to pay credit to a number of police officers who came across a man with an arterial bleed and who had lost a large quantity of blood.

Grown men were carrying big sticks - it was a nasty experience

Jay Singh, eyewitness

"They applied a pressure dressing to stem the blood loss until the ambulance staff could get to the man."

A paramedic motorcyclist had to be escorted from the park and an ambulance was also damaged during the disturbances.

Jay Singh, who went with his wife and two young sons, said he probably would not go to the event again.

He said: "I regret it now taking my children there.

"A sword was drawn. I can't recall.. if anybody was attacked with a sword, but I did moments later see a Sikh man sheathing that sword again.

"There was obviously scuffling, fighting. Grown men were carrying big sticks - it was a nasty experience."

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On radio vaskhi 103.5 yesterday, 2 presenter told very briefly that 1 person was stabbed in the chest 3 times and is in a critical but stable condition, 4 people have been arrested and currently being questioned.

The didnt tell/know the cause of the fighting.

It wouldnt surprise me if the council/police ban future events at handsworth park.

The presenter said when in a meeting with the Police, they said we did our best to stop external entities causing trouble at the mela , but we cant cater for sikhs fighting amongst themselves

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I consider Vasakhi as one of the most spiritual events in the Sikh annals ! But due to lack of religious/spiritual knowledge and practice of teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we use "josh" (brawn) instead of "hosh" (brain) ! Common sense is not too common these days !

Through regular naam simran a Sikh learns to control: anger, lust, greed, worldly attachments & ego ! Alas most of us do not have the time for meditation and thus WALK the spiritual path, instead of TALKING the path !

Unfortunately all our religious functions have become mere social events, rather than spiritual and religious events to renew our commitments to the Sikh way of life ! Our religious /spiritual leaders have not only failed us, but our new generations too ! Our new generations are going to pay a very heavy price for survival in this era of Kaljug ! These days politics take precedence over religion at all levels.

The solution is to return to the basic teachings of Sikism as taught by our Gurus as per Guru Granth Sahib Ji ! Setting a personal example would be a great start .

With Divine Love & Blessings of Waheguru Ji, may you all enjoy: peace, love, light (enlightenment), health, happiness and prosperity in life always!



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Absolutely shameful...

-- ---------------------------------

Those charged are a 17-year-old youth from Smethwick and two men, aged 28 and 31 and from Birmingham and Walsall respectively.

They are accused of attempted murder and violent disorder.

A fourth man, aged 66 and from Coventry, remains in custody.

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The gurudawara comitte could have been more pro-active , in the sense that , couple of times at the smethwick Gurudawara , Poilce have blocked roads , due to fighting , the recent one was in february .

Obviously there is serious hatred between 2 parties or group of people with different beliefs , the question is what has been the outcome of the fighting at the Gurudawaras , i bet they are swept under the carpet , until next time.

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commotion there will be . if the budha dal which is the supreme body of the true sikhs cannot avoid commotion in their elections of new jathedars, why are you so concerned over the singh sabhia's neo sikhs commotion in choosing a new committee?

maybe budha dal should show us how its done?


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