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I have often commented on and off forum that the biggest threat to Sikhi today is not the RSS or the Islamists or even consumerism, but rather a particular brand of Sikhs who we can term “Bhasauriasâ€.

This name is obvious derived from the historical Teja Singh “Bhasauriaâ€, however today can be applied to many (who whilst they fight between themselves) continue his rotten legacy and are responsible for much of the decay we see around us, they have perhaps the largest presence on line in terms of most Sikh websites and forums to spread their malicious propaganda.

As I stated above, whilst the various individuals and groups, of which qualify as Bhasaurias may fight and argue between themselves as we have evidenced frequently in recent years, they are nonetheless part of the same legacy and what we as a community need to be most wary of…below is one such individual, who has be spreading such nonsense across various Bhasauria influenced websites (Global Sikh Studies, Sikh Spectrum, Sikh Sundesh and others).

This is Baldev Singh from Collegeville, USA with some of his writings on subjects like Reincarnation, Halal and the Dasam Granth.

The forum can read these articles for themselves and deduce clearly why he typifies the Bhasauria mindset with his preposterous arguments and flawed rationale (although he attempts to construct these on the basis of supposed logic).

I do not ordinarily subscribe to this type of posting about an individual, however after having spent several attempts to respond to his articles on the aforementioned articles (all of which have never been given any response or consideration), I leave it to the Forum to assess this self-made missionary for his true colours with regard to what he terms "Nanakian" philosophy!




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You are right niranjana, internal threats are more severe than external threats. Internal threats exploiting the panth as much as external threats are.

First as they say, do house cleaning before jumping on the bandwagon and play the usual trumphet of - RSS, GOI, Congress influence.

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I LOVE congress...does that make me RSS?

On a more serious note and not to detract from Niranjana's great post. I do agree with him. These internal strife creators make sikhi, the sikhi saroop a common gesture. Bhagti is incomprehensible for their pro-logic minds.

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LOL!! Nanakian philosophy rejects Hinduism, therefore anything that sounds remotely Hindu has been translated incorrectly because Guru Nanak Dev Ji had different meanings for the same words used by Hindus. The correct translation for the words can be determined by if the new translation is in accordance to Nanakian philosophy.

It's a watertight argument!

This is my favourite bit... (read the bits in bold)...

"AGGS makes it clear that reincarnation of God, karma and transmigration, and hell and heaven, caste system and gender inequality, are not real; rather they are man-made concepts, as pointed out by Guru Angad.

It is the teachings of Vedas, which has created the concepts of sin and virtue, hell and heaven, and karma and transmigration. One reaps the reward in the next life for the deeds performed in this life-goes to hell or heaven according to the deeds. The Vedas have also created the fallacy of inequality of caste and gender for the world. AGGS, M 2, p. 1243.

Another relevant issue that needs addressing even though you didn’t ask and that is of soul. Again, here the Nanakian philosophy radically differs from other religions. In Nanakian philosophy, soul is God--the Transcendent One that permeates the entire cosmos and it is called as jyoti (light). Other synonyms used are hans (swan), atma, jio (spirit), Sabad-surat (God-consciousness) and moral principles that guide life (conscience). Guru Nanak rejected the idea that soul is something separate from God and that it leaves the body after death to seek punishment or reward depending upon the deeds of the person whose body it inhabits. Many verses in the AGGS attest to this fact that God is soul."

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Jiu Jiu Bisrai Gobind Rai, Dinno Din Ghattiai. This fear of 'the enemy within' is dumb in itself. Today's Sikhs have got to be the most cowardice race to ever exist. Every new Godvara popping up around the corner is because goodseekz r 'afraid' they will be exposed to a different viewpoint of a Tarkhaan or a Jatt goodSikh.. control your own minds and worry about urself goodsikhoz or else the examples of shia/sunni killings (what is it called? ethnic cleansing or something?) in Baghdad will no longer b just 'examples'!

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Fateh Singh,

*This fear of 'the enemy within' is dumb in itself.

Agreed, however I don’t believe anyone above is ‘fearing’ any ‘enemy’ within. The reference to the use of the word ‘enemy’ was deliberate to coincide with the usual posting that invariably state words to the effect that “brahmins are the enemyâ€. We have seen this common and frankly illogical statement made with respect to the following items:

- Historical texts with leanings to devi puja, shaiva/tantrik connotations etc (i.e. Gurbilas literature, Suraj Prakash, Panth Parkash etc) are the works of ‘devious brahmins’ who wish to delude Sikhs into becoming Hindus as part of their “boaconstictor†blah blah blah blah…

- Because Indra Ghandi and the Ghandi family have exhibited anti-Sikh feelings and actions and they are Brahmins, this makes all Brahmins like them and makes it acceptable to shout abuses like “Bahmini Kuthi†in the Gurdwara or as part of jaikaras.

- All modern day heretical sects (Nirankaris, Radhosoamis, Ek Nivas, etc) are the spurious works of Brahmins seeking to tighten their grip on the Sikhs.

Why these are nonsense should be evident to most; i.e. Shaiva worship, including that of Bala Balakhnath as in Ek Nivas is rarely the practice of the Brahmin caste, in fact as at Ek Nivas the pujaris tend to be Jatts, Tarkhans and Rangrethas etc, the same is true of Nakli Nirankaris and Radha Soamis whose founders were Jatts, not Brahmins and all these supposedly “corrupted†texts and rehitnamas, the majority of these were written by non-Brahmins, and surprise surprise the authors are typically Jatts, Khamboj, etc!!! So why everytime something like Radhasoamis kick up or Ek Nivas arises, people feel the need to make ‘bahman this and bahman that’ with the occasional “bhapa this and bhapa that†(since in the eyes of some even Khatris are evil, just like Brahmins!), when the majority of people following these groups then to be Jatts, Tarkhans and others.

*Every new Godvara popping up around the corner is because goodseekz r 'afraid' they will be exposed to a different viewpoint of a Tarkhaan or a Jatt goodSikh.

This is different topic, which more to do with power and social politics than ‘viewpoints’ concerning matters of faith (i.e. the Gurdwara services that occur in Singh Sabha Gurdwaras and Ramgarhia Gurdwaras for instance are largely the same and predominantly in line with the Sikh Rehit Maryada, where they deviate, both are guilty of similar trespasses such like simultaneous kirtan with Akhand Paath etc).

*control your own minds and worry about urself goodsikhoz or else the examples of shia/sunni killings (what is it called? ethnic cleansing or something?) in Baghdad will no longer b just 'examples'!

Quite, however as explained above, the purpose of the post was to addressed the misguided hate mongering that keeps occurring across all groups within Sikhs against some ‘external’ factor (in the above example, Brahmins) which is evident from the root upwards, given that every Gurdwara Kathakar today tends to explain Gurbani through a medium of ridiculing other faiths!

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