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New Exclusive Katha


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today new and exclusive katha has been put on the site and alot more is coming soon.

Katha by Sant Gurbachan Singh and Giani Amolak Singh has been added. Also lots of exclusive katha from 1973 by Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bhindrawale of shabads from rehraas sahib and full kirtan sohila, also bachittar natak katha. unfortunately i could not completely get the recordings clear but they are the best i could do. Also lots more katha by Sant Kartar singh exclusive to the site has been added

Soon to come exclusive katha by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, Bhai Gurdas Di Varan by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji, along with sooraj prakash katha, krishna avtar katha. Full Sri Nanak Prakash by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Boparay walae as well.

please download and listen to it

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hows the quality of these cds?

is the new project that you were talking about that taksali singhs will bring out clear quality version of sant baba gurbachan singh ji audio katha of sri guru granth sahib ji?

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es this is the katha given by taksal to me that i have been cleaning. it takes forever though. i have now got another version of the sri guru granth sahib katha as well to go through. Alot of Mention to the Damdami Taksal lineage by Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji as well which is interesting!!

Also put up tonight is alot of exclusives such as sooraj prakash katha, salok mahalla 9 katha, raag mala katha, krishan avtar katha also by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji. The Raag,ala is excellent with antreev arths. The rishan Avtar is brilliant with Sant Kartar SIngh Ji reading fromt he Sri Dasam Granth and Sant Gurbachan Singh giving the interpretations.

I only have about 50 hours of Bhai Gurdas Di Varan Katha all of different Vaars but will get it up when i can. Alot of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji's Katha will be going up this weekend as well i guess most of which are exclusives

I will put on the net whatever i get!

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RIght nice update for you all on www.gurmatveechar.com

New Guru Granth Sahib Larivaar Katha by Sant Avtar Singh Ji Badni Kalan Walae,

More Katha by Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji, Giani Jaswant Singh Ji & Dr Mukhtiar Singh Ji

Katha by Sant Hari Singh Ji, Sant Baljeet Singh ji Dadu Sahib, Sant Sukhchen Singh Ji,

More Katha by Giani Thakur Singh Ji

Katha Keertan from the lineage of Rara Sahib, Baba Mohinder Singh Ji Jarg Sahib Walae, Baba Bhupinder Singh Ji Jarg Sahib Walae, Sant Balwant Singh Ji Rara Sahib Walae (Sri Maan Ji) and Sant Baljinder Singh Ji Rara Sahib Walae

Katha keertan byt Sant Balwant Singh Ji Sihori Walae who are actually from teh Udasi lineage although they dress like the sants of rara sahib

Lastly a 12 part Jap Ji Sahib Veechar Katha by Mahant Tirath Singh Ji Sevapanthi

There will hopefully be more to come and all should be up by the 2nd of June

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