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Namdhari Dholki Chaene Kirtan

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Don't think there's more else where. Even on that site there's only 1 track which is from Anand Sahib... now I must go listen to it! damn u challenge everything! I don't think it's the style or intricate instrument but the Sharda of the singer that shines through the Shabad that makes a Shabad beautiful, I don't need to give example here.. u all know of peeps who r the Drs. and phds of 'gurmat' sangeet yet their performance is so dry there's more Rass in Sahara dessert in July! :LOL:

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www.namdhari-world.com then u enter namdhari world>then u go to the sangeet stream. then u gotta look through all the tracks, download anything by a dude called pandit gopal singh > or anything that has 'pgs' in the title coz its really good dholki> thers also other dholki stuff on ther u jus gotta search thru.find one called '28nov04dinpagawala' its like the baddest ever! think it was done in southall aswel....lol

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The evolution is Punjabi Pakavaj (one larger side for bass and one smaller side for treble), which was then split into 2 for the more advanced style of kirtan arising at our Guru's times, particularly with Guru Ram Das Ji's invention of par-taal - the new split drums were called the Jori (for obvious reasons). In addition the percussion needed to reach bigger sangat, hence the individual straight barrel bass drum would carry sounds to a much larger range. The tabla is a more recent invention.

Dholki is different instrument which hasn't changed much over the years, it was and stil is used by more rural folk for simpler folk styles which this thread is refering to, this particular style is called vaaran (as opposed to vaar). Asa di Vaar is done in both vaar and vaaran style in Bhaini Sahib.

Vaaran style lets non-musically experienced sangat join in as it is simple to follow, catchy and energetic, and singing in sur or raag not an issue.

Maan Singh and Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala do a similar style of rural kirtan to catch the sangats attention, here are some more videos for dhloki and chennai lovers:

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