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The condition of the Khalsa


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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

After having seen "The Last Samurai" for the first time and afterwards reading about their history, it made me think and reflect upon how similiar the samurais history is with that of the Khalsa.

Here we have a warrior tradition that was destroyed, not by the enemy, but by modern technology and reforms. We see that the remaning samurais were afterwards treated as outcast by the japanese the same way the panth is treating and viewing the Nihangs.

The same thing is happening to the Khalsa and panth. It is degrading due to modern reforms of Sikhi and the technology around us.

those that keep to the puratan lifestyle are being ridiculed by the majority of modern sikhs.

what is your views on what can be done to preserve the heritage of the Gurus, before it will be completely wiped out by this modern era.

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I think a more comprehensive understanding of the dal panth would be required to make any statements. I think the discussions are correct and fine in their own right, and I agree the degeneration is a byproduct of weak leadership, change of social structure, a negative feedback from the community at large...Samurai's were known to pillage...something khalsa generally didn't do...keep up the constructive conversation

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