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www.satnaam.info - what are they on about?


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they pop up periodically spreading propaganda. one of their claims is that the true gurmantr is satnaam and not Waheguru, as stated in Bhai Gurdass ji's vaars.

I think they also are a front of a self-styled Godman, perhaps the very same one who kept a saroop of Guru ji on a coffee table and put his feet up on it.stole some shardalu's wife...etc. etc. forget his name. This guys house was rushed by a group of angry singhs in Toronto.

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hav looked at preivious link. duz this grewal ever attempt to have Guru Garnth Sahib in his possession again? And also what have the Sikhs become? Listening to somenone call Guru Nanak my son, and i am his father... and just accept it? i would have given him a thapar.

However sangat plz forgive me for when the Christians came to my door , i told them I had a message from the Lord, telling me I was the chosen one to guide Humanity and everyone should bow down and worship me(mainly by offering money). They left very quickly. After I felt it probably wasnt the right thing to have said.

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No Chatanga, probably wasn't the best representation of Dasam Patshahs roop.

Many of us forget that a Singh represents and stands for something, and quite often we bring ridicule or insult to the Khalsa roop by way of the language we use, the things we say and the things we do...

Not having a go Chatanga, this applies to all people..

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