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  1. Whats the furthest anyone has gone away from their body during an OBE? Ive known people who have reported floating around their room, another person said they saw themselves sleeping while they were floating outside their bedroom window. Ive heard of one guy who said he can even go to the moon.
  2. Have had some amazing meditations in last few weeks. The change I made was to set my alarm clock to 25 minutes and begin. The time clock giving me a period of focusses time and a goal really sets my mind to the task. The first few minutes I allow my mind to chatter its conversation about my life and thoughts, after I fell away from this and the mind becomes silent I start to lose connection to my body and the outside world. During the whole period before the alarm I have now completely disconnected to any outside stimuli and the only thing that breaks my meditation is the alarm going off at the end. Try it.
  3. There are many experiences which you can have during this path, however like Neo stated these do not reflect the end goal which can only be achieved through the grace of Maharaj, when he casts his glance upon you, everything will make sense. Anhad shabad is indeed a magical and profound experience, wonderous and mind blowing, you can spend years at this stage, however the path to Maharaj is infinite and beant, without going further and leaving your current milestone you wont ever know whats next, your mind cannot even contemplate how great his leela is and what he will show you to divert you from the path to his door. Nothing should be held onto, nothing should be even desired, that is when everything is shown to you. Things have been spoken of which some people will never experience, you cant even imagine what the things that havent been spoken of are like. Dont get bogged down into wanting a particular experience, you will never have it that way. Make the correct effort with an innocent, childlike, unknowing sincerity and love in your heart, thats all that is required. The mysteries of the creator of the universes cannot be understood overnight, this is a lifelong journey - enjoy the scenery but keep moving with the hukam.
  4. If I hear the anhad shabad, I just listen to the music and enjoy it, I dont try - I allow Maharaj to show me by opening myself to him. I do not allow my internal self to be caught up and be disturbed as to lose the moment that I am experiencing. I use each experience to map a journey, like travelling from one place to another you see that these are the checkpoints and places you must pass, if you stop at one milestone for too long you will not reach your final journey, however you must pass these checkpoints to get there. If anything, these milestones are things which test each abihasi to see how much he gets caught up in these things and forgets his true home. When you visit each milestone often enough, you understand its worth and place, and you dont dwell there too long. The more you are on this path the more you will experience, the deeper you will fall into your Self. As long as there is desire, frustrations, and attachment to your ego and life, you will find it hard to progress. Everything you have ever loved must be disgarded to cross over. You must attain to forget who you are as a person, forget even being human, become formless and thoughtless and the magic of Maharajs leela begins. Who ever said it was going to be easy? i have been practising with sehaj for over half my life and i still feel like a beginner.
  5. Meditation is the complete surrender of the mind, so that it shuts up and sits its own place, not talking, not mumbling, not even squeeking. The mind can still be seen, but it has come to a place of peace and will rest allowing the Self to shine through. When you have thoughts such as "I have heard of a sweet taste", or "What was that light" or anything of that matter, the mind is not at rest, it is a state of searching and questioning. The longer you stay here the more circles you will send yourself through. Dont judge, not expect, dont anticipate, dont even watch. Just sit and be aware of yourself. When you become fully aware, your mind finds rest. Then meditation becomes easy as falling asleep.
  6. Not every meditation session will be the same, nor will you achieve the stage of the journey as before. Your experiences since the previous time, and your current state of mind will have a big affect on how well you stay seated in a mindless state. You have the tools to walk the path, but you must hold steadfast onto one particular tool. Do not jump from one facet to another (One day focussing on nostrils, next on sights and next on audibles), each tool will need to evolve into a stronger tool with heightened awareness. Spend a long time honing your awareness, do not even expect anything special. Even when you experience something, ignore it, just sit and watch/listen, do not analyse or even try to understand it. When you try to contexualise what you are experiecing, your mind goes haywire and everything unravels like a dream. Just do it with Love and appreciate Creation for what it is, Life.
  7. You say "did" like its the past tense. Meditation should occur at every moment of your life, walking, sitting, standing, sleeping, breathing. The Gurmantar is sung and praised forever and ever, it is through this singing that you open your heart and understand what Brahm is. Smile! Enjoy life! Love everyone and everything, for everything is Brahm, infinte Love!
  8. IMO Brahm trancends any of the senses, to focus on tastes, sounds, sights etc is a distraction away from the truth of Brahm.
  9. http://www.thesikhencyclopedia.com/famous-sikh-personalities/ajit-singh-palit
  10. What is your goal? Where is your destination? How will you know you have reached there? You seem to be in a great battle with your own Self.
  11. Meditation is simply awareness, the subtelty of the breath is what makes meditation a task which requires patience, practise and focus. Once you can master the breath your mind will automatically become stiller allowing you to focus deep without having your surti broken. It will reach a point where you go beyond the breath and essentially you are not even breathing, you have gone beyond the body and mind and into the soul. Those who have the patience to understand the secrets of the body will see the fruits of their labour when it comes to meditation, those who have little patience and are easily swayed by their minds will quickly dismiss valuable guidance from the masters. No one can tell you a set formula for reaching Maharaj, because everyones path is unique to them and therefore their enlightenment will be unique. There will be things you pick up off others but there will be other things which you must unlock yourself. Guru Rakha!
  12. The feeling of going insane is the battle between your false ego self and your true self. It will play tricks on you over and over, this is the real battle. Understand that you are not the mind, nor the body - you are the true self There is no future, there is no past, there is only the Now. Now is the accumulation of all your past, you are here cos of whats happened previously, without the past you would have never had such thoughts or experiences in the now - it is not a bad thing, only your mind thinks what you have done or said is bad. There is no good or bad, it is all duality. Overcome the sense of doing, and you will become free from the shackles of your mind. Accept the divine hukam and keep focused, just give thanks and praise to the almighty creator, meditate on his infinite ineffible name, the true super soul, beyond taint and blemish, the truth, pure love pure consciousness. There is no where to go, there is no search, he is here with us all the time, inside and out, deep within the core of our hearts, within the root of the breath he dwells, forever watching and laughing at his own leela, knock on his door and he shall open it, look and you will see. Vaheguroo!
  13. Infront of the greatest, how can words even suffice? My small intellect cannot even string a sentence together to even praise how amazing Maharaj is, there is no language that can express his greatness truely, the only thing you can utter is Vah-Heh-Guroo. It is best to forsake all other words, and enshrine his loving naam in your heart, mind and soul.
  14. Remove your desire and just do the effort, ask for no reward and Maharaj will give you everything. Practise with sincerity and innocent childlike devotion, do not push too far too quickly, take it slowly and savour every step.
  15. Yes, thats the way to improve self esteem in our children, kneel them on the ground and smash coconuts off their foreheads with a bat! Its not really a test of skill when a Kara is bound to his forehead so that little impact is felt. Instead, provide children with the real essense of Gurbani, show them the worth of Naam, and train with them every day to make them strong, fit and healthy. Cant blame the kid for doing this, he doesnt know any better. Those who do these shenanigans are the ones to blame. If they spent their time improving real swordsmanship skills, they would have achieved something more than a circus act.
  16. Should have read TriyaCharitrar. Anyone who falls to their senses will ultimately get burnt.
  17. That is your own perspecitive, which like you said doesnt make sense. Those of non martial tendencies will never be able to appreciate the place of Jhatka.
  18. Chatanga, you dont need a full out system which supplies Chatka meat. If you really want to do it you can do so in your back garden. I would advise you get someone who knows what they are doing when you attempt it.
  19. http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/downloads/Gurbani/Das-Granthi-Pothi.pdf Here u go.
  20. There is a version of a Hazoor Sahib Das Granthi on the net, do a simple search. Sukhmana Sahib Paatshahi 10 is in this pothi.
  21. The tilak is seen as a Jantar, to attract an opponents focus to it. As you can see it works 100%.
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