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Sangat ji, please have a look at these videos.

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I would not like to comment on the videos. but please have a look at them yourself.

For thsoe who thought slaughtering in one slice was a painless way of killing the animal. Please see this :


How Cruel this is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKMnIeUnPJI People who can do this, what will they do to humans?

and this


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Theres nothing to control the nervous system so it temporarily goes haywire. All pain is processed by the brain - even "instant" killing causes a brief instant of immense pain, until the brain switches off - as shown in experiments on rats.

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Then why did the goat and the chicken run around after the head was completely cut off?

Random muscles contractions do occur, but you claim it is from pain....and I'm not like a pharmacist or anything but i would presume that without a brain the animal wont be feeling anything....so even though at the point of contact there might be a sharp pain that pain wont last very long.....literally seconds

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I think there is a book by a scientist called the spirit particle or gene. The bloke has apparently found a chemical that is responsible for 'mystic states' or states of ecstacy. This chemical is released also at the time of death. I will try to find the exact reference if i have time. But death is actually a time when the body is in the grip of ecstasy. It is only the fear created in the animal prior to death which is immoral. There seems to be an unspoken conensus that death is bad. The environment the animal is kept in and the atmosphere it is surrounded by and the love or hate it is fed upon, are more important than the actual act of slaughter. Gurbani repeatedly stresses the priority of intention over act, the act becomes good or bad by the intention behind it, but real intention is rare most is manufactured.

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