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WJKKWJKF,sadh sangat jeeyo with sad regret iam informing you that 2day beadbi on a massive scale took place at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Park ave .The day started with a film crew 4rm Bollywood arriving at Glassy Juntion the pub opposite the gurdwara.More film people arrived later on theday and set up in the car park of the gurdwara,a crane later arrived with catering trucks which were parked at the back of the car park so the side on which the bridge was filled with fiolm crew cars vans and even a double decker bus.As word got around bollywod actors abhishiek bachchan and lara dutta were about 2 arrive crowds flocked 2 the gurdwara in waiting then at 4pm a pink limosounie and 4 mercedes people carriers arrived.......Not many people were about then but they began arriving on the bridge 2 get a glimpse of the actors when young singhs visited the gurdwara they were already annoyed by a giant crane at the front with spot lights hannging dwn and the comotion at the glassy juntion pub oppostie the gurdwara,singhs then arrived in the car park and 2 thier shock they were pushed around by fliping immigrants 4rm Bombay who had cme with the film crew,not being moved out of the gurdwara premisis they shut him up by declaring tht HIndu raaj is not here in england so dnt think u run the gurdwara and then the singhs left as not 2 cause commotion.They then arrived back 1hr later in the carpark 2 c the film crew smoking AND REMEMBER sangat jeeyo guru maharjs diwan is only a few yards 4rm the car park .........the film crew sum white some indian with no respect continued 2 smoke even after beeing told by singhs tht stop or otherwise....they then stopped but continued behind the trailers and trucks.....they full heartedly said the commitee allowed them 2 be there and tht the singsh were being a pain in the as,s ......Sadh sangat jiyo 2 my shock i had confirmed myslef tht Himmat sohi had let the film crew cme in 2the gurdwara premisis another shokc was tht the police had cme 2 provide protection and did nothing 2 help sikh youths stop smoking .......while the youts were standing they saw people drinking alcohol as wellas smoking THE BLIND SOUTHALL SANGAT DID NOTHING NO1 REACTED APART 4RM THE YOUNG SINGHS...an ''amritdhari'' woman begged 2 c abhishiek bachchan and get his autograph but was denyed has it cme 2 this gursikhs doing this seeing beadbi and not reacting??????????????????????Time went on and hundreds of so called ''sikhs'' arrived on the bridge and carp park 2 c the film beeing made .......when 'gyanis' were approached 2 the matter of smoking and 2 who had allowed this 2 happen they declined 2 comment and said commitees ok with it .....so lets get this in 2 context a gurdwara for gur di sangat is being used as a base 4 bollywood 2 make a film well ok all is gd BUT remember hw bollywood mocks sikhs as idiots who dance and drink, ok lets move on they use gurdwara car park as a base Bombay guys think they run the place ordering British Born sikhs around thier OWN gurdwara smoking takes place along with drinking the smuggling of kebabs in 2 the car park in which there is a trialer making fish and burgers at the back where no1 can c.......hindu guys with polish body gurds smoking behind trailers SANGAT IS BLIND NO1 REATCS ...ok this continued 4 several hrs UNTIL a group of girls arrived dressed worser than something u would see on a porn channel they walked up and dwn Guru ghars premisis in skirts sleevless shirts well nah cant call them shirts mre like bras WITHOUT THIER HEAD COVERED this along with 3 black men with thier trousres dwn and caps on spitting on the carpark floor.........Old sikh men cme 2 c bollywood girls half naked rather than go inside and matha tekh 2 sahib sri guru granth sahib ji ......hindu guys 4rm bombay bossing sagant around as if they run the gurdwara driving cars in and taking SANGATS CAR PRAK PLACES several SANGAT members had parking tickest as they had no place 2 park 2 cme matha tek 2 guru granth sahib ji .......ok The women walked off 2 the glassy juntion car park and began smoking they smoked quite a few went in 2 the glassy juntion pub came back out straight in 2 gurdwara premisis outside past langar hall in skirts and in 2the trailers in which they had 'lunch' yh all them kebabs burgers and the rest...abhishiek bachchan cmes out sangat SCREAMS AT THE SIGHT sikh girls jump up and dwn have they 4gotten inside is guru maharajs saroop and we are in a gurdwara carpark aint our screams heard inside the diwan at this point the diwan was nearly empty a few old bibyan thts all along with the langar hall only 1 person serving langar !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE GYANI were out2 try and get in 2the shot 4 the film as at this point they beagn filing Park Ave road and the junction ....So nw the gurdwaras empty smoking and drinking along with meat consumption is continuing at gurdwara carpark behind trailers ..Hindu helpers 4rm bombay are littering OUR CAR PARK THE SANGATS CAR PARK without a care bollywood fans sikh non sikh inside gurdwara carpark as if its a mela but still no1 reacted .....this ocntiuned 4 a few mre hrs .......Then came a shot in which abhishiek bachchan has 2 cross the juntion 4rm the bridge 2 glassy juntion pub,the flood lights then ILLUMINATE THE GURDWARA along with glassy juntion pub(NOTE flood lights basedin gurdwara carpark on a crane|) the shot requires abhishike and 4 girls including LARA dutta and the only way i can Define hw they looked is ''prostitutes'' naked with skirts swinging on the lights Oppostie Sri Guru Singh Sbha Southall so at this point the gurdwara is lit up fully the hwole road is sangat is going mad screaming in support of them THEN ABHISHIEK BACHCHAN CMES with a Khanda Chain while he is wearing this he 'tocches up' lara dutta and she does the same 2 him in a sexual manner so the khanda is in the shot then 3 more girls cme 2 be in the shot who look even mre like 'hoes' with skirts and guess what THEY WERE WEARING? gold karas MAKE no mistake they wernt bangles these were Karas and one had a small khanda chain and she WAS SMOKING so lets look sangat jiyo they are wearing symbols of Sikhi and Khalsa dresed like 'hoes' in front of a gurdwara whos sangat is blind and supports them Then they walk in2 glassy juntion pub.....with the sikh symbols .......Sevreal cries 4rm youths 2 remove symbols go in vain .....as so called guru di sangat 'says ''koina kuri panjabi ya lamboo di maa vi sikh ya (lamboo meaning amitabh bachchan,whos son abhishiek was wearing a khanda ) so they think jus cos a bollywood actres is calssed as panjabi she is allowed 2 disgrace the gurdwara the sikh quoam and be naked outside a gurdwara jus cos abhishikes gran was a so called sikh is it ok 4 him 2 waer a khanda and walk in 2 pub with naked girls??????? NO THIS IS DISGRACE is it ok 2 illumintate a gurdwara 4 a scene in which girls are naked and smoke is it ok 4 them 2 do tht i ask .....Well the blind sangat didnt care even the gyanis were out !.........several non sikhs also joined in the 'thamasha' and started 2 hang around teh gurdwara carpark Sikh girls came in thier groups with boys and acted as if the gurdwara was a club -well it seemed like 1 anyway with smoking drinking bollywood what mre do u need ........is this what has become of the sangat .........sikhs who protst agianst bollywood using the gurdwara as a chill out hang out base are pushed about by 'bamans' 4rm bombay amritdharis asking 4 fotos with actors ! Rememer hw bollywood laughs at SIkhi hw RSS supports it and hw amitabh bachchans funing 2 the congress party in 1984 helped pay 4 fuel and tyres 2 burn sikhs remember hw close he was 2 rajiv and nw we let his son cme smoke in our gurdwara car park and walk in 2 pub withe symbol of our Guru SADH SANGAT JEEYO imagine they came 2 a mosque i doubt any muslim would let them even set foot on the masjid premisis let alone drink and smoke ! so why did it happen 2 day il tellu cos the sangat is blind and have 4gotten the Guru and respect 2 guru granth sahib old gyanis and men like 2 c young bollywood actreses and extras smoking in mini skirts and like 2 c hindu actors walk in2 pubs with khandas on and like 2 girls swinging on lamposts with gold karas on 2 me it looks like another attempt by bollwywood 2 mock sikhi they use a gurdwara the stupid no gd 4 nothing commitee allow them 2 the wear karas and khandas and dress in a way oppostie 2 gursikhi within gurdwara premisis ,thy smoke in the carpark drink and smuggle kebab rolls in 4rm near by shops they litter they film right opposite the gurdwara while illuminating it ! and aslo use the car park as a camp SADH SANGAT JIYO AS I WRITE THIS DWN at this momnet they are in the carpark and are getting ready 2 shoot at glassy juntion The police along iwth bamans 4rm bombay dnt let no1 in carpark so just imagine whats going on right nw as no sangat is there well even when sangat was there they did do beadbi but imagine NW ...........THIS IS ALL DWN 2 HIMMAT SOHI AND HIS COMMITEE OF THUGS WHO HAVE 4GOTTEN WHAT SIKHI THEY DECLINED 2 COMMENT ON AY OF THE DAYS EVENTS GYANIS ALSO DECLINED NO 1REALLY CARED 4 GURU GRANTH SAHIB and the sanctity of the gurdwara aprt 4rm a few sikh youths,as the rest of the sangat old men women young sikh sluts thier motehrs and fatehrs had cme 2 c this 'specticle' below are the 2 main stars of the film abhisiehk bachacn and lara dutta 2 whihc the sangat were mad about i also am providing u with video links 4 2days events MORE VIDEOS ARE BEING UPLOADED 2MORW No1 seems 2 care in southall sangat dnt give 2 S**TS............all ic an say is tht I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THE COMMITEE OR BOLLYWOOD 4 THIS ACT OF SACRALIGE BOYCOT THE FILM CALLED JHOOM BARABAR SRI WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA SRI WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH .........................................(link 2 all videos MRE ARE 2 COME 2MORW watch this space )


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welcome to the new sikh world order aka gangasta sikhi.

hoddie of sant jarnail singh ji bhindranwale/khalistan- 5 quids

hand made taksali kirpan - 30 quids

big titanuim or sarbloh hand made karas- 40-50 quids

new age sikh youth typing in gangasta lingo - PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!

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