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Krishna and the Gopis

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

I have been reading pages of the Dasam Granth and i noticed the chapter on Krishna Avatar mentioning the incident at the river where Krishna hides the milk-maids clothes and tries to seduce them.

in my narrow and sinfull mind i can not comprehend this story. What is the message of this, is it to be taken literally, and if that is the case; Why is he held in such a high esteem by "puratan groups" of Sikhism?

i hope i have not offended anyone by this.

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It means when the soul or psyche (krishna) tries to provoke anger to 'others' or sense objects, by provoking them i.e. taking their clothes away, which allegorically means all, unappropriate for the time, beliefs and dogmas people hold dear. Or if you like false idols.

It is a timeless motif the answer can only be answered by krishna when approached with the correct 'offerings' of knowledge and gurbani.

But be careful only Krishna has the power to play with the gopi's, if you do not know krishna, the gopi's will laugh and ridicule you and make you feel stupid.

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