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sikh girl convert video


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Maha Kharag Singh Ji, that does not really address the problem.

The girl clearly says that speaking about Muslims and Islam was banned in her household, something that is typical in the majority of Punjabi households i.e. speaking about the religion in depth, spirituality, benefits of it etc, rather than inuslting it's Prophet and blaming Muslims for all teh wrong that is going in their household, in UK and in the world.

Biggest problem is pure lack of education in Punjabi parents with regards to their own faith, this is why the subject of in depth religious discussion, particularly Islam is unpopular in Punjabi homes.

Parents can't give equivalents or comparisons fro mtheir own faith so are threatened.

Don't cut your kesh, wear kara, go to Gurdwara, believe in 10 Guru's, mathaa tek to Guru Granth, thats all you need to know...

Well actually there is a little more to it than that.

I have a good frind from Jammu, who is very intelligent and came to UK to study. He was looking forwarding to meeting Sikhs, but was disgusted at what he found, "Singhs" in nightclubs, dancing with half naked girls, drinking, smoking, fighting etc...

He found the intelligent discussion and answers he was looking for in some Muslim classmates, who unlike the "Sikh" counterparts, openely welcomed him, discussed with him, treated him as one of them etc. Now whether this was out of the kindness of their heart and genuine, only God knows, but at least they were polite and willing to discuss religious matters.

He inevitabely converted. However, when he went back to Jammu for the holidays to meet his mum, he had some deep conversations with her. Jammu Punjabi/Sikh culture is quite different to India, Sikhs are very strict, and it is common for Sikh boys who cut their hair to beaten to an inch of their life by the townsfolk, let's not even talk about converts.

He didn't tell his mum he had converted but questioned her on many aspects of Sikhi giving relvant examples he had learnt from Islam.

His mum is an amazing lady. She had read her sons heart, and knew what he was trying to do (convert her also). She took her son to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, they covered their hair, sat down and she asked him to continue. She answered every single one of his questions with Gurbani (she is very well versed). My friend said she agreed with all he said about Islam and said it was beautiful. But she then looked at him with all her love and recited Guru Ji's teachings, and explained the subtle differences in his interepretation of Islam (Sunni) and what Maharajs light revealed.

My friend said he had never heard anything so beautiful, every verse recited in reply to what he was questioning tore at his heart.

He said his friends and their interpretation of Islam had satisified his mind, but the specific Gurbani he heard that day.. freed his soul.

He has since become an avid "Sikh" and is totally in love with Guru Sahiban and their teachings, and is absorbing Gurbani and Sikhi at an astonishing rate.

The reason for giving this example is to show what role a good parent can play in educating/protecting their children.

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shaheediyan bhaji , you are right .

If parents are able to show their kids the in depth essence of Sikhi then I don't think there would be as many problems as we are encountering today with kids born in Sikh family. Most of the parents themselves don't know about sikhi and when their kids have doubts they are unable to satisfy them.

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Deep Singh, if kids have never been taught about Sikhi, then no one should have a problem if their search to answer those questions which every man eventually asks leads them to another faith.

First and foremost, it is the parents responsibilty to teach their children, if they don't, then they need to accept the consequences and the first element of blame.

Of course everything is as per his hukum, but that is not an excuse for parents to abscond from their duties, which I personally have always seen and still see, most Punjabi parents do - normally down to them being busy working hard in the week and attending every excuse for a function under the sun on weekends, leaving no opportunity for their kids to learn from them or to learn outside of school in a structured and organised format.

Funny thing is that most of these parents favourite phrase is "these bloody kids today"...

So your comment re blame game, is more applicable to parents, as they play a role in how their kids turn out, like it or not.

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"which I personally have always seen and still see, most Punjabi parents do - normally down to them being busy working hard in the week and attending every excuse for a function under the sun on weekends, leaving no opportunity for their kids to learn from them or to learn outside of school in a structured and organised format."

Unfortunately i have seen the opposite, where two good parents teach their kids good morals. But when kids are tested by nature they fail. Thats why i said you can't all the time blame parents.

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I personally keep a muslim sangat, as sikhs today are caught up in their own affairs of caste pride and internal fights. I dont go to Gurdwaras on sundays as people are always fighting there, instead i go on other days where i can be alone with Maharaj. Keeping a muslim sangat is the reason why i am still interested in religion, as the affairs in the Gurdwara has scared all other youth away from sikhi... Two years ago there used to be a lot of teenagers comin each week, and the scandinavian website forums was active on sikh discussions.. today i am one of the only one left here, because people have lost interest due to fights and politics.

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Deep Singh, the failure of "some good parents" is much rarer than the success of bad parents, which is the point I am making (in general terms), and one which is completely relevent to the video you have posted - which clearly shows the parents were irresponsible - i.e. not willing to discuss Islam in their household with their daughter (we can only go by what we hear).

Amardeep, that's a sad situation, there is nothing wrong with having sangat of any other faith, but try and make an effort to inspire the Sikh youth also, this discussion is exactly relevent here, and your example is perfect. The parental generation losing the plot and the youth suffering.

It's upto aspiring Sikh youth like you to do learn and then share your knowledge with your isolated Scandinavian brethren, set up vichaar sessions, kirtan classes, camps, ahistorical lectures, anything to bring the yout together and inspire them away from the politics.

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some points.

1. maybe she wanted to hurt parents and she did succeed.

2. she is getting so much attention and respect from muslims, the day showed interst in islam. No way, she would never want it to stop.

3. Here is a somebody (we can't see her face) wrapped in black clothes, talking about leaving sikhi, unpopularity of islam in sikh households, greatness of islam. It is one of many tricks to convey message to other non-muslims that all the talk against islam is a lie and everybody should follow this girl's path.

Whenever they show a conversion video in their effort to prove superiority of islam, it only widens the gap between muslims and non-muslims. Islam has nothing which other religions dont have. It is only their aggressivenss for new recruits which is bringing some new converts.

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maybe she wasnt sikh in the first place?

No. She was not a sikh, but she was only born in a sikh background family. A sikh will never leave path shown by Gurus for any religion or cult with false promises for heaven or blackmailing threats of hell.

It is possible sombeody is born in sikh family but propaganda, false information or peer pressure can make lot of weak people make wrong decisions.

Bhul Chuk Maaf

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