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Sachkhand Nanak Dham


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Gurfateh ji.

I was listening to some katha on tv by a man called Mahraz Tarlochan Darshan Das. It was really an eye opener and i really liked it, as he give some depth to Gurbani and relates them to our present day and age etc. Also he quotes from the bible, islamic mystic saints and the Gita which i like.

I went to his website at www.dasdharam.com and i wonder what you guys think of him. first i thought he was a nirmala because i noticed he did'n have the name of Singh attached to his name, yet he praises Gurbani and the Gurus alot, but the website calls his master Satguru etc, which make me wonder who are they?

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i agree wiv that, i think as a pracharak he is ok. the thing wid darshan das was that when he came to uk in 87, the indian govt issued a statemnet to he BBC that the " guru of the sikhs will be visiting uk". given what hapned over the nirankaris in 78 etc govt support of non-sikh movements, 2 sikhs here shot him in southall. i have heard tape of him being shot.

jus b4 he is shot a woman in the gathering is asking him whether its ok to vidit india according to the stars cosmosiclagy or summat.

anyway i cant say for sure that he promoted hisself as guru of sikhs anywhere, but certainly niether him or his followers did anyting about him being the guru of the sikhs statement.

i have heard that he had women sucking his toe, and that is not an euphimism for anything.

anyhow i wouldnt really make a point of listening to him.

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How easy is it to impress someone by quoting Gurbani, Gita or other religious texts especially if the listener doesn't have any indepth knowledge of Gurbani himself? Most of the people who frequent these type of fakes have very little knowledge of Gurbani so are easily impressed. Those who have indepth knowledge of Gurbani have no need to visit or listen to such charlatans.

A friend of mine went to one of his diwans in the 80s and he said he left as soon as Darshan Das started on his favourite subject of trying to criticise Guru Gobind Singh by saying that it was wrong for Guru Gobind Singh to use violence! It didn't come as much of a surprise to him when heard that he had been shot in a local school in Southall in 1987. The local Punjab newspaper Des Pardes published a picture of his corpse as it lay on the slab in the mortury. Now that's what I call investigative journalism!

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The katha i heard was him talking about Prem Bhagat, which is common for all religions and he talked of how easy it is for mankind to fall in love with their body and forget their soul etc.

I learned alot from that katha, if he is a sikh or not matters less. I think its okay to attain knowledge from people of other religions if they have that knowledge..

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people have to realise that the word Guru is not a sikh word and existed before the coming of Guru Nanak, so if a person from another religion calls himself a Guru it does not mean that we as sikhs should hold any grudges against him.. if he on the other hand claims to be in a linage of Sikh Gurus then we have the right to respond..

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

sant khalsa: what a fake - deserves shooting

Whilst you are entitled to your opinions, this is a public forum, please note the implications of your comment - you are in effect suggesting that Sikhs are above the law. You will not be the first, since the "British Organisation of Sikh Students" (BOSS) have long had a 'poem' in the English language glorifying this act (see "I shot a man, don't give a damn") and on numerous occasions, their spokesman Harjit Singh Grewal (Watford) has openly praised the killers.

This is precisely what feeds the commentary that religious people are mindless bafoons who in the name of the 'imaginary best friend' and 'outdated scriptures' feel justified to act above modern day legal rulings on subjects such as murder.

The actions of Harjit Singh Grewal also highlight a growing concern that Sikhs and others in the UK are beginning to follow the lead of their Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims counterparts, noting the "effectiveness" of their 'mob-rule' tactics and methods.

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