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Sikh missionaries communists of Panth: Giani Iqbal Singh

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Sikh missionaries communists of Panth: Giani Iqbal Singh

Varinder Walia

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, February 13

Giani Iqbal Singh, Jathedar, Patna Sahib, today dubbed Sikh missionaries as “communists of the Sikh Panthâ€.

Again challenging the supremacy of Akal Takht, Giani Iqbal Singh alleged that the English word “supreme,†used by Sikh missionaries for Akal Takht, was the root-cause of the current problem faced by the Panth. He said as a matter of fact no Sikh institute could claim itself being “supreme temporal authority†because Guru Granth Sahib is supreme for the Sikh community.

Taking a strong view, Prof Suba Singh, principal, Sikh Missionary College, said Giani Iqbal Singh should consult some psychiatrist. He said the Sikh missionaries and missionary colleges had done great service to the Sikh Panth and Jathedar Iqbal Singh had no right to use derogatory words for them. However, the Jathedar, Patna Sahib, alleged that the Sikh missionaries had been instrumental in dividing the Sikh community due to their “radical approachâ€. He said as per the Sikh traditions, all five Takhts were equal.

On the other hand, Prof Suba Singh said as per Sikh history, Akal Takht had been the target of Mughals and other invaders as they wanted to smash the supreme temporal authority of the Sikhs. No other Takht had faced such attacks, he said.

He has also said edict once issued from Takht Patna Sahib, including rejection of Nanakshahi calendar, could not be withdrawn. He, however, added that the five Sikh high priests could discuss the matter relating to the Sikh maryada, Nanakshahi calendar in the forthcoming meeting at Akal Takht next week.

To yet another question, the Jathedar said the meeting regarding summoning of Mohinder Singh Romana, president, Takht Patna Sahib Management Committee, was still pending because he (Romana) had sought adjournment of the meeting of Sikh clergy on health grounds. He said Romana in his capacity as president had no right to place Jathedar under suspension.

Meanwhile, Giani Iqbal Singh said Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of India, would be visiting Takht Patna Sahib to pay obeisance on February 16 .

Giani Iqbal Singh today gave a “clean chit†to Diljit Singh Bedi, a former assistant secretary, SGPC. He said he had learnt that the “objectionable pictures†of Bedi, published in a section of the press, was with his second wife. He saidthere was no harm in keeping a “second wife†without giving divorce to the first wife.

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Sikh missionaries are communist minded people. Most of them have now become Kala Afghana supporters making them even more naastik than they already are. They have a real hindu phobia which is why these people are such enemies of the Sri Dasam Granth. Anything which Sikhs and Hindus have in common, these communist minded missionaries discard, which is why they reject Dasam Granth as it contains banis like Choubis avtar, krishna avtar, Chandi di vaar etc.

At one point of my life, I was also a huge Sikh missionary supporter. I use to love reading their books. But Guru Jee has done much kirpa on me that I now see the Sikh missionaries for what they really are.

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i recieved this from a friend who wanted me to post this:

Mithr, only people like the supporters of Iqbal Singh, who question the supreme temporal authority of the Akal Thakhat can make such ignorant statements.

Since you seem to be ignorant of Kala Afghanas literature, I shall quote something (which is from Sikhsangat) for you.

Veer jee you claim that the Sikh Missionary college is the backbone of Kala Afghana, but you have only shown the fact that you never read any of Kala Afghanas books. If you did bother to read his books, you would not come and make such bold statements. Kala Afghana actually is linked to the Damdami Taksal, yes... Kala Afghana came of the damdami Taksal production line along with the likes of Rulda Singh. If you look at the book Birpan kee reet too sach da marag (volume one) written by Gurbax Singh kala Afghana, published by Sri Akal Sahai society Amritsar, you will see on page 13-14 to history of kala Afghana with the Taksal. He first mentions his past family ties with the Taksal and morchas. In 1981 he left his job and joined Sant Jarnail Singh jee Bhinderwalas jhata at Amritsar.

He mentions how he learnt from the Taksal and how he was influenced by them, how he stayed at Nanak Niwas, the people who he knew from the jhata which were staying at Harmander Sahib. He then goes onto mention that a family member was ill in Canada, therefore he left the jhata (after spending 3 years with them). He then never returned as the Goverment had attacked Harmander Sahib and Sant Jarnail Singh we no more.

The only thing that disturbs you is that they some of them don’t totally agree with Dasam Granth – yet their official stance is that they follow any decision the Akal Thakhat might take (last page Dasam Granth Darpan by SMC.) Interesting enough the only official stance the Akal Thakhat has taken is that they’ve prohibited the DISCUSSION of it.

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Amardeep regarding the last comment on your post its entirely wrong. The official Akal Takht position is that mischevious people are deliberetly trying to mislead the panth by spreading lies about dasam maharaj and that Sikh Scholars are to reply to their false lies be it from the mouth of Prof Darshan Singh are Kala Afghana.

What has been quoted from sikhsangat is absolutely ridiculous and pretty laughable.

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These nastic minded people are so afraid of hinduism that they're willing to sink lower than Ram Rai, who changed only one word of bani, to prove their made up points. They know they are spreading false things, but just don't care. Others are simply indian gov agents creating controversy, tryiing to cause splits in the panth, and to separate the panth from its shakti - Amrit and Dasam Bani.

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