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does Guru accept from those who disobey the hukam?

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Consider two pouches...one for positive things, the other for the negative influences. Where Karma is involved, your actions whether positive or negative are going to be returned to you independent of each other.

The Man smoking is going to create bad karma which is going to affect his health even though one doesn't have to think of it in terms of karma but it is a simple fact from a medical point of view that smoking causes health problem.

His Seva is going to incur its own karmic influence on him, whatever they might be.

Although when the negative aspects of ones actions are greater than the positive we can say that the influence of the positive karma will not be as effective as the negative karma. That doesn't mean he has erased his Karma through Seva and its fruits, but it is possible that those fruits might not bare as much sweetness as they might have brought him if he would avoid his negative habits.

this is just my personal view on this matter..nothing more

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I don't know if his 'seva' is parvaan by Guru Sahib or not, but there are numerous rehitnamae that state that a Sikh should not eat from the hands of the hands of someone that smokes or a mona. Therefore I assume that someone that smokes should not be given degh dee seva. Tobacco is considered jagat jooth and there are many rehitnamae and sakhis that illustrate how far a Sikh should stay from it.

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