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Was surprised to find the following article in The Sun, a daily UK tabloid, this morning.


Britain has been warned of a new terror threat from Sikh extremists linked with al-Qaeda. Experts in the US and India have told authorities they are watching a handful of British-based Sikhs who they say have trained at terror camps in Pakistan which have connections to Islamic extremists.

They tell tonight's File on Four on Radio Four that they fear the radicals may be planning terrorist acts in their fight for an independent Sikh homeland.


BBC Radio 4 is a UK national radio station.

BBC Radio 4

Sikh extremism: Tuesday 26 February 2008, 2000 GMT, repeated Sunday 2 March 2008, 1700 GMT.

With attention focussed on Islamist extremism, Armadeep Bassey asks whether the authorities are doing enough to counter the activities of UK-based Sikh groups supporting the violent campaign for an independent homeland in the Punjab. Producer: David Lewis. Editor: David Ross

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amardeep baassey works/ed for a midlands newspaper, and his

"exclusives" were mainly about the movement for Khalistan, centereing on the Babar Khalsa (midlands based) and ISYF, who i did a little work wiv , altho i wasnt a member, and it was just plain lafable, the things that he wrote. he tried to portray himself as a serious undercover investigator, but was jus reporting things that he used to hear in the gurdwaras.

what an idiot.

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