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Sikh girl "reverts" to Islam and spreads propagand


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There loads of ppl you hear about like that, she was never Sikh in the first place, she did not revert, everyone is born Sikh, with naam and kesh, sabat soorat, they all convert afterwards. She probably on a better spiritual path now and we should be happy. Maharaj asked Sikhs and challenged there faith all the time, Sikhi is for the strong even the 40 mukhta left, but maharaj accepted them back, lets use her as an example to strengthen ourselves, she found something lets find something within Sikhism to, and I think it wasn't right how everyone around her disowned her, most people that call themselves Sikhs are not Sikh, drinking fornicating, eating meat cutting kesh. Who are they to question her, after her becoming Muslim she might be more Sikh then those who are calling themselves Sikhs according to the philosophy stance. But it is sad to see videos that kinda of seem like they want to provoke hate.

Sikhs and Muslims already have quite a hostile relationship, that video does no favours. But lets ask Maharaj for her welfare and we should pray for her i.e. sarbat da pala

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Sorry to say but I'm not going to ask for her Bhala. I don't have a problem with people choosing their own spiritual path, that's fine. Problem I have is when these converts begin to bad mouth their old dharm in order to make their new dharm look good.

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i agree wth you mithar, some of these converts have audacity to bad mouth sikh dharam without exploring main aim of sikh dharam. When you ask them they give you round about answer how gianji was pindu or how they had bad experience with gurdwaras.

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