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Chi / Prana


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Jai Rimpoche Nanak Lama

Chi and Prana are said to be the same concept. One from India and the other from China.

Is the a difference in the way it is cultivated using different methods in both cultures ? ie. yoga, chi kung etc.

Is there a different reason to work on this energy given by Chinese and Indian masters?

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oooohhh rebel. /sarcasm

Gurfateh is not my hukam dear its Guroo Maharaj's, doesn't hurt me if you wish to actively go against it!

ਨਾਥੁ ਛੋਡਿ ਜਾਚਹਿ ਲਾਜ ਨ ਆਵੈ ॥੨॥

Nāth cẖẖod jācẖeh lāj na āvai. ||2||

Abandoning your Lord Master, you beg from others; you should feel ashamed. ||2||

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yoga (such as kundalini yoga) and chi kung are two very different methods so yes there is a difference in their cultivation. Speaking with a chi kung teacher, a martial arts grandmaster who had taught the chinese wushu olympic team and the canadian team as well, he said that yoga was better for enlightenment than chi kung when someone asked him. To be honest, i'm more familiar with chi gong than with yoga.

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