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Sikh 4 A Week


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I'm sure this came out last year aswell....

Personally if people are gonna get them selves in that position then they should accept the fact that people are going to exploit them....

Now I'm just waiting for some one to come on and rant about how we should try educate these girls blah blah blah

I presume that would work, if every brother/father/uncle and other male relations did the right thing and educate them it may just work

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is that bullshit or is it actually real

wouldn't be surprised either way. Sant Jagjit Singh ji in his katha has stated that Muslims in UK have put girls from Sikh backgrounds into slavery. He mentioned that one time a Gurdwara pardhan was late to meet him, the pardhan was late b/c he had just rescued his daughter from the airport. Sikhs in UK need to wake up and realise the organised evil that is targetting them.

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I agree - if the girls were foolish enough to get themselves in to that situation so be it - its their own fault.

In regards to whether its a sikh - i dunno, it could be.

But i do think, for the girls sake, that something should be done - but the only people who should actually be complaining is the girls them selves - if they're not bothered, who are we to complain? If it works as a deterant - its doing its job i guess.

In regards to the girls that i know, i havent been in touch since school - did try finding them on netowrking sites so i could warn them, but cant find them.

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