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Who are 'Ghandaravs'?


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In Sanatan/Indian thought Ghandaravs are the celestial musicians or singers of heaven.

I have heard certain classical musicians of India with the same title.

Could anyone explain who these individuals are? Are they higher that a Pandit or Ustad of Indian music? Is the title awarded by a guru to the shish or by peers?

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Which musicians have you heard with this title, could you please provide a reference/link.

Ghandaarva originally refers to the 3rd sampuran parent scale of the original 3,000 year old sangeet system of India. This scale was only to be used in Ghandaar Lok or by select Muni's for deity worship. Natya Shastra and Dhattilam are the first texts to mention this term, later, upon Mahabaratas/Ramayanas scriptural birth, musical references are taken from the summarised Natya Ved - and the word evolves, as per the mention of divine musicians above.

I suppose temple kirtani may be called Ghandaravs, but I would have expected this only to the be the case in South India.

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chatanga1 probably referring late "Sant Sarwan Singh Gandharv" Dumeli Wali, MA,(Anandpur Sahib) who had been a great Kirtnia alongwith player of almost of the instruments. He also contributed a lot by writing Volumes 1 to 6 of Gurmat Sangeet Books titled "Sur Simran Sangeet". In the books, there is lot of detailed description of Gurmat Sangeet, Raagas as well as notations of Gurbani Shabads in various raagas. The books are in very simple & folk language in Punjabi.

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