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Scanning help req


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I have a poster - just about larger than A3, that I want to scan . It has tiny detailed Panjabi writing on it, so must come out clear. I was thinking perhaps formatting it as a pdf document because it allows you to really zoom in to read the tiny writing.

Any advice on how it can be done or where? I am in West London at the mo. Maybe if one of the local forum members want to take up the task???

Then I want to get it uploaded to this site for others to view.

I cant mail it or give to anyone as if it gets lost/destroyed I wont be able to get another copy.

PS: Just to pique your curiosity: it is a family tree of (I think) the nirmala samparda lineage of sadhus,sants, mahants, shish etc from the gurus times to more or less contemporary period. It contains hundreds of names!

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Fold in half do A4 and another A4 using something like paint and join it to 1 pic file if you want it as a pdf use cutePDF creator to convert the image then into a PDF. Otherwise your going to have to take it to a printing shop they can scan it in for you. loads of printing shops all around. Borrow a mates scanner if you dont have 1, scanners go very cheap these days always good for coursework and homework get 1.

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