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Traditional Irani Music


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Dear Shaheediyan,

the song is actually traditional. It wasn't an improvisation. The song is called Morghe Sahar and is a traditional Iranian song. You can watch a far better version of this song here:

As for the "alpinesque" thing...Alpinesque sounds more like this:


But if that's what you're hearing in my poor rendition why not.Must be the Swiss chocolate I guess iodala hi ho.

Mithar, I always look angry. Didn't you know I inspired the Les Grosman character in Tropic Thunder?


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The 2nd video is nice, but the fusion causes confusion in this case. On one hand we have a lovely folk style quite simplistic in its utilisation of notes and the tar, and on the other we have tabla, playing subtle intricate bols - which are made for complex raaga renditions...

A fusion with a dholki type drum (Pakavaj at a push) would have been more suited in terms of a more simple rustic sound and playing style which is more reflective of folk music. This would compensate for the drums normally used in this type of folk such as the bandari. IMHO.


Sorry, that is not the best exampe of Bandari, but the guy made me laugh!

Heidi, lol - thats like playing bhangra and calling it a ghazal!

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