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Request for the Sevadars!


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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh,

hey, can someone please translate that Ghost Story that NEO SINGH, put on the internet in english plz?!??!?!!?!?!!



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You wont have too wait that long. I ll translate for you over the weekend k.

Until then sit tight.

Its goin to bloody long transcript. So i think i need little time to type all that


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Veer i m in the process of makin my resumes and stuff because i just have completed course....lets see where you live in canada???

if you live in toronto... i can meet you and discuss with you each line while listening to the tape... if you dont live in toronto then i need some more time... i m busy lookin for job and other house work k...

let me know if you live in toronto though... i ll pm you my fone number... you can call me then...

gur fateh

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veer i told my freind to the first half of the caseteee and i ll do the second half...this might take timeee...is way too much info ..we are no experts to translate from urdu to english..but still tryin no worries...

what about you?? why not you ask someone if they know hindi..they can tranlsate for you ?? that be most effective ....

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Just A brief translation, trying to get the rest:

This is not a story; it is a factual account of the deliverance from a 1000 year damnation of a high ranking Muslim cleric by the name of 'Suleman'. It is unclear how the boy came to be possessed by 'Suleman' but the grave urination theory is compatible with common knowledge. In 1962, this suleman from Iran possessed a kid, who happened to urinate on his grave. 'Suleman', although a well respected cleric of the time, often engaged in issuing black magic to those that came to him for help in matters of grave urgency. When 'Suleman' died more than 1000 years ago, he reached the court of the 'Dhram Raaj' he was informed of his wrong doing and sentenced accordingly. He would wander the earth in the spirit form for a 1000 years. At the end of this period a heavenly 'hasti' in the name of 'Isher Singh' would come unto the earth and bear him release from his incarceration. These are the words 'Suleman' actually used to describe his encounter with the 'Dharam Raaj'. The tape was recorded in the presence of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji (Rarewale) but no verbal interaction between 'Suleman' and Sant Ji is recorded.

Audio Tape – Dialogue.

Suleman: In the country of spirits. There are so many Hindu and musalman evil spirits. Nobody listen to them. It’s just like there are so many prisoners in the prison; only few get discharged but on an correct time they all get discharged one by one. My time came sooner that’s why I’m getting discharged from this evil joon now after 1000 yrs. Now I’ll go in human form and will take 10 births of human life and then I shall get salvation (mukhti). Understand??

Sangat: It will take 10 births to get salvation? Understand?

Suleman: Yes 10 births

Suleman: In my country of spirits. There are millions of spirits wandering around, a lot more than humans. But if you want to see them you can’t see them with your own eyes.

Sangat: Do u guys live in a town?

Suleman: For us there are khandar (quiet places), jungles. Our spirits can meet each other. You know how hard is it to wander around in winter with no clothes for a human. We feel the same way with no human body.

Suleman: What else you would like to ask me?

Sangat: We wanted to know if you guys stay outside, what you normally eat?

Suleman: Our food/diet is from animals. Our food is blood, bones, skin.

Suleman: Thousand Years ago, this kid who lives in the village where I used to do my prayers. I used to help people who were suffering from the black-magics by charging them money. It’s an order of akaal/allah that whoever is charging money to help people with black-magics and stuff, that person shall suffer heavily as an evil soul. That’s how after I got killed I suffered heavily as an evil soul. I been told that after a 1000 yrs is over Sikh Saint- Sant Baba Ishar Singh Sahib (Rarewale) will give you mukhti from this evil group (Jaun).

Sangat: Who told you that?

Suleman: Khuda-Karhim/Dharamraja. When you get the punishment, Dharamraja also tells you the specific time you will get discharged/free from the punishment.

Sangat: What age you were when you actually died 1000 yrs ago?

Suleman: I died when I was 70 yrs and after that my spirit wandered around for 1000 yrs. I know the timeline of prophets when Ashok Raja, Guatam Bud and Guroo Nanak came.

Time - Skip from 5.42 to 7.40

Sangat: When you were in Guroo Nanak Sahibs time, why didn’t he give you mukhti from this evil group (Jaun)?

Suleman: According to my destiny my judgment day was written on this place (Hoti-Mardan) by Sant Baba Ishar Singh Sahib, then how can it be before in Guru Nanak Sahib’s time.

Sangat: Did you meet Guru Nanak Sahib?

Suleman: We went to Mecca Medina; Guru Nanak also came to Mecca with the Panj Bhootak Chola. Guru Nanak was Waheguru, Sant Ji is also Waheguru. Both are the same, no difference! What we see in front of us, we respect that more, and what passes us, our thoughts/understanding pass with it.

Time- Skip to 13.15

Sangat: So who is a Mahapurkh from the Muslim faith?

Suleman: For Muslims, there is Sahib Nazammuddin, who died, Shekh Ullah Diz, (Sarangpur Wala), these are very high spirited souls, but they don’t possess the power to reach Waheguru. Something that takes one from birth to the final destination (Waheguru) can only be received from Murshad (True Spiritual Teacher).

Suleman: A Murshad that is one with Waheguru, he unites his mureed with Waheguru. Only the spiritually enlightened souls can enlighten you.

Suleman: I understand that Muslims read their ‘Namaaz’, but from my understanding, that Namaaz, is not their prayers, but a duty, their mind is somewhere and their prayers are somewhere else, Waheguru is not pleased with such prayers. Doing prayers with love, and oneness is the true prayer.

Time: 27.48 – Singing About Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

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question i dont know if anyone can answer this but, why didn't baba isher singh ji verbally speak with the evil spirt, and just to make it clear who was asking the questions, other people in the room?

He wasn't in the room when tape was recorded. Sant Maharaj spoke to him later on.

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a tear fell from my eye as i read the transcript in english....did Suleman actually say Waheguru or did he say ALLAH???? i know it dnt matter...cos they both are names of GOD but jus wanna knw....or did the transcriber jus dub in Waheguru when Suleman actually said Allah?

PLease continue with this transcribe...a lot of ppl will benefit...esp me!!:P




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