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Beautiful recitation of upanishads

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Some do... I looooove the way Maskeen ji recites bani. Out of all the people I've ever heard, his is the only recital that gets me emotional to the extent of having tears roll down my eyes!

I've also read on some forum -perhaps this one, of an old baba who used to be able to do akhand path in raag! when asked where/how did he learn it, he answered that its the only way he has been taught. Do'nt know how true this story is or if anyone has ever heard this type of patth before.

On the otherhand there was a poster on ss.com who was complaining that Sikhs are copying Hindus and muslims in the way they do patth (melodic style) and it is manmat. LOL

Mostly, these days pathis just mumour the patth when reading out loud, total waste, if you ask me. Once when I was listening to this stlye of Patth it took me 20mins to realise that it was Sukhmani Sahib he was reading.LOL . just couldn't understand a word.

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"Ooga001 (2 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply you don't get it.. not everybody is the same.. abrahamic faiths (judaism, christianity, islam) all have a "one-size fits all" approach and that's why it is always in conflict. Hinduism appeals to people of all levels, walks of life. The "rituals" are for people who are very devotional.. intellectual people follow the scriptures, and real seekers of truth PRACTICE (Sadhana) to REALIZE the truth. This is why Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) is called the TIMELESS ORDER! "

I liked the above comment made by a viewer.

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