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Mudra For Spiritual And Physical Health

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Do mudras actually work? or are they just some myth? and should you just do Vaheguru jaap when performing the mudras?

Mudras actually DOES work if you do it properly and for the specified time. In my family, we've tried it and it works wonders.

- "Mrit Sanjivini Mudra" is really a miracle for heart patients. One of my family member is using it for the last many years it was recomended by a yoga instructor. If heart beat is irregular, fast, uneasy then give it a try; it will work instantly.

- You might have seen many photographs of yesteryears Bhagats and/or Puran Sants with "Gyan Mudra".

Give it a try to Gyan Mudra with Padamasan or normal cross-legged sitting position (make sure that your spin, neck, and head should be 90% angle), you will feel that concentration is marvelous after some time along with other benefits.

It is NOT a myth. Let's try to understand some points:

- When GOD created His creation, HE also created everything to sustain and maintain it.

- Ayurveda was created by GOD Himself in order to help our physical body in case of some problem.

- Mudra and Asans were created to maintain the physical and spiritual aspect of ourselves. e.g. If we have a electric circuit in our house, then definately there are some points using which we can regulate the flow of electricity, automatically correct the broken circuit etc.... but the condition is that you should be aware of it.

- GOD created Chakras in our body in order to help us spiritually. Otherwise, Chakras has NO purpose in our body. Chakras are just like a kelle (a small nail where we hang our clothes in villages), it helps us to rest our concentration in our to progress. Some people who knows and believes in it takes advantage of this place; while others use it automatically becuase it is natural.

GOD has given us all the knowledge of ayurveda, mudras, yoga asans, chakras, and many other techniques during our birth, but when we start progressing in this world our mind becomes impure and we forget this knowledge and then that knowledge takes the back seat. New born children till they start recognizing people or some luckly till later in the age knows how to rectify their problems because their mind was pure at that time.


- Have you seen your child may be 3 months old to do some kind of funny stuff with his/her fingers and hands? Many times they will do thumb up and then all finger close and open. They do it in a very funny way and we thought that the child is playing. Actually, they were balancing the 5 elements where each finger needs to touch the base of thumb, but because of their incapability of do it with each finger, they will do it with all fingers.

- My child had severe skin problems and NO medicine worked. Then one day we noticed that she was placing her thumb under the little finger and she does it oftenly. Specially, if she takes less drinking water she will do it more. At first I thought that she is just playing.....but later when I was searching for mudra, I found that by placing the little finger under thumb one can increase the water element in the body. Try it yourself, don't take water for long and try this mudra or Pran Mudra......you'll feel that these mudras will remove your water thrist. It really works!!

Our problems in the body is due to: Vata, Pita, Kalpa and it could be rectified with mudras and in extreme problems with ayurveda. But today we have a problem that we won't be able to find a ACTUAL ayurveda spiritual doctor. There are many and many claims to be 100 year old links.....but still as we have impure mind, we cannot derive or understand the granths and/or physical body by reading them.

I would rather say that we have alomst lost the understanding of ayurveda from a common mind.....ONLY the persons who are spiritually alleviated, can depart the knowledge. e.g you might have seen some spiritually alleviated person having NO knowledge of ayurveda and/or other technologies but recommending you some very fine techniques from ayurveda......think about it, where the knowledge comes from? It is already in the mind like the GOD. Where the GOD is, HIS powers are also present.

e.g some time back someone due to the influence of bad forces (ghosts) consume the full bottle of poison ( used to kill rats), but survived after 10 minutes......how?? because one spirituall asks to give the person curd mixed with banana, and after consuming this.....vomit comes and all the poison came out of body.

So, when we grow spiritually, we will learn all these forgotten stuff. I personally would like to do the following (even though I never started):

- Gyan Mudra for whenever you do Naam Simran.

- Pran and Kike Mudra regularly.

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"it must be specified even further in Gurbani"

Why must it, Gurbani is not a mere science manual. Although this stuff 'may' work, it has nothing to do with spirituality. Some may argue it helps you focus, helps attain physical/mental balance etc, thats fine. But there is no requirement nor instruction by Guru Sahiban to use this to help us on our journey. Saying that, if it works, then thats good, its just important to understand its a medical science (be it an ancient one), nothing more.

Gurbani is not a book on law, nor is it a book on medicine - it is Guru - the teacher of Moksha.

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Let me add one more thing to this topic before someone starts the debate that this is Hindu stuff and is anti-Sikhi:

As per Guru Granth Sahib Ji: "Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam"

Always the source of any cure is GOD Himself, but it is done through the powers/techniques (mudra, asans, chi-energy etc.) of GOD by the GOD Himself. And it is NOT necessary to learn these techniques in order to get cured because GOD automatically execute these things internally Himself (without letting us know) OR He will let us know some techniques/medicines by "someone" which could be useful for us. Now, here believing that "someone" is dependent on the patient/person himself. Actually, this is NOT patient/person's fault, only one can believe whom HE/GOD wants.

GOD has laid down some principles which HE also follows even thought HE can do anything.

e.g In order to bring new child in this world we have to follow some steps (be it medical clone or normal child) and it takes a pre-determined time, but at the same time it is the blessing of GOD Himself and HE also has the capability to give us a child without following any rule, but HE always wants everyone to follow the rules laid down by Him.


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