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Bollywood Kirtan, Bringing Back Romantic Cinematic Memories...

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This is thread has been specifically created to highlight the impact that Bollywood has had on Gurus pavitar kirtan.

Please, please post any kirtan you have heard or come across that you think is based on a Bollywood tune, lets make a nice collection here - a bit of fun, bit of reminisce, but with ultimate objective educating the sangat.

No holds barred - Kirtan Legends, Sants, whatever - list them all!

PS copy of Bhangra, Pop etc as well, anything modern based.

To get us started:


Lol, I'm cheating - sorry, I'm using a bhajan rather than a Gur-shabd! But its too good a rip off to ignore! I love the Mirpouri Phem-ali line half-way through - talk about a personalised service!

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I have a few deadlines right now and you've given me a second wind.....

Before anyone gets offended or takes this as an attack on someone, I want everyone to know that this isn't a mockery at all. I am just drawing a parallel between a bollywood movie which is on the flip coin of what is being sung in the shabad.

(good prem & nice voice paaji)

(abstract being used to describe the material).

I am itching to find some more

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Excellent start drawoF! I mean to say, good researching...

"If we were all gurmukhs, i think we would all simply be lost in the words being sung, rather than HOW they were being sung.."

I could just as easily say, if we were all Gurmukhs, we shouldn't be watching Bollywood films to find inspiration for our 'Akhand' Kirtan, our inspiration should come from existing original kirtan traditions like those of the sublime Bhai Avtar Singh.

You are entitled to your interpretation of 'Gurmukh', but for some us, 'Gurmukh' means to face to, listen to and live in our Gurus hukum. If Gurus kirtan maryada isn't important to you, then you shouldn't waste time with specific clothing and iron utensils either.

Anyway, please don't spoil this thread - its purpose is to expose exactly that which you are purposefully blind to.

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Here is another one :).....

1) Shabad:

2) Extra hot 7, song 1: Bulleh Shah di kaffi (http://music.pz10.com/album/7230/Extra%20Hot%2007-Various.html) <sorry this is only a sound clip :()

I agree with you guys about the copying of the bollywood tunes. But this tune that Drawof has presented is a common punjabi musical tune of Punjabi folk music not specifically used only in that bullah shah song only. People in Pends sing such tunes during Prabhat pheris.

But yeah, Kirtan should be sung in the Raag it was written in.

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