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Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji's Handwritten Diary

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but I am after the photocopy of the original handwritten copy.

PM me your address, I'll try to get one posted to you - can you read shahmukhi?

Alternatively, you can get it from Rarasahib.

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Original handwritten copy is written in shahmukhi?. I went to bhora sahib india where all sant maharaj ji belonging are kept, i came across with one page from sant maharaj ji's dairy which was out for display, i actually thought sant maharaj wrote in gurmukhi but lot of words are urdu, persian...??

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They are all virtually the same, but some sounds are not used in some of the languages. I think there is a tutorial on the apnaorg website that Ishvar posted above.

In those days, most education was in Persian, even in Punjab, so you'd get people coming out of school knowing Persian, Punjabi, Urdu etc.

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Here is the digital copy of Handwritten Diary of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib (written in Punjabi and Shahmukhi). THANKS VERY MUCH Matheen for lending your copy to me.

It is scanned from the photocopy of original diary. I've uploaded this file at the following links. I don't know how could I attach a file in Sikhawareness, kindly save this file somewhere on sikhawareness so that everyone could have access to it.


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