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Sant Hari Singh - 10,000 Year Amrit Jor

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Last night whilst listening to the ‘history making’ live broadcast which was also apparently watched by 999,999 of my kin... Sant Hari Singh Ji (who were on air for a few minutes just before Baba Ranjit Singh), were doing excellent kathaa on amrit. They mentioned that Guru Gobind singh had said that anyone who took Khande de Pahul and was not able to achieve mukti in this lifetime (due to weak rehit – and therefore weak spiritual progression etc) would be born into a Gursikh household (as many times as necessary) for the next 10,000 years until they achieved their purpose.

Does anyone where this quote is sourced from?

Also, does anyone have a schedule of how long Sant Hari Singh will be here and where they will be doing kathaa?

Thanks in advance.

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Here you go Singh ji

Arjuna said: The faithful who deviates from the path of meditation and fails to attain yogic perfection due to unsubdued mind — what is the destination of such a person, O Krishna? (6.37)

Do they not perish like a dispersing cloud, O Krishna, having lost both the heavenly and the worldly pleasures, supportless and bewildered on the path of Self-realization? (6.38)

O Krishna, only You are able to completely dispel this doubt of mine. Because there is none, other than You, who can dispel this doubt. (See also 15.15) (6.39)

Lord Krishna said: There is no destruction, O Arjuna, for a yogi either here or hereafter. A transcendentalist is never put to grief, My dear friend. (6.40)

The less evolved unsuccessful yogi is reborn in the house of the pious and prosperous after attaining heaven and living there for many years. The highly evolved unsuccessful yogi does not go to heaven, but is born in a spiritually advanced family. A birth like this is very difficult, indeed, to obtain in this world. (6.41-42)

There he or she regains the knowledge acquired in the previous life, and strives again to achieve perfection, O Arjuna. (6.43)

The unsuccessful yogi is instinctively carried towards God by virtue of the impressions of yogic practices of previous lives. Even the inquirer of yoga ¾ the union with God ¾ surpasses those who perform Vedic rituals. (6.44)

The yogi, who diligently strives, becomes completely free from all imperfections after gradually perfecting through many incarnations, and reaches the Supreme Abode. (6.45)

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its actually 10,000 lives as a Sikh. I will find the source, Sant Ji showed it to me last year. they have it in a pothi.

They have done 10 days katha in southall, a week in leicester and a week at Sedgeley Street Gurdwara. They have two weeks left in the UK which will be at Smethick and Nanaksar Thath in Birmingham. The Katha both morning and evening will be live on Amritbani Radio

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I think something similiar is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita where Krishna says that if one makes an effort towards yoga, and he does'nt get mukhti, then he will take janam in a household of parents who practice yoga in his next life.


Yes, there is the same idea in Buddhism (especially of the Tibetan variety). However, in practice, this only applies to very highly evolved lamas, and even then they need guidance in their new incarnation from their former friends in their temple to remember they were on the path to enlightenment.

There's an amazing documentary about this experience, which has been known and documented in Tibetan culture for centuries, which shows elder lamas locating the new body of their abbot and testing the child who has memories and knowledge of a former life as a Tibetan monk. I'll see if I can find it for you when I get home.


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sounds interesting, please post it when you get home

Fateh, Singh!

Sorry, but I couldn't find the documentary on my HD or on the web for that matter. It is called Unmistaken child. You can read the description here at IMDB:


The trailer is here at youtube:

It's well worth a watch to see how the idea of reincarnation is so prevalent in Tibetan culture.


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Thanks KF, that is the source that Sant Ji mentioned - he said he wasn't sure where Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji got the info from.

Kam, I'm not sure what the pothi says as I don't have it, but Sant Hari Singh Ji definately said 10,000 lives, twice.

Thanks for the info re amrit bani, I will try and tune in.

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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal!

Dear all!

Please listen. Guru Arjan Dev Jee is singing.

ਸਾਧਸੰਗਿ ਖਿਨ ਮਾਹਿ ਉਧਾਰੇ ॥

साधसंगि खिन माहि उधारे ॥

Saadhsangi khin maahi udhaare. sggs ang 103

Baabaa Hari Singh is but promising bondage with earth for ten thousand years.

Has he not come to know the right Naam Simran?


Some Baabaas claim being not guilty because they were reading and pleading books, once recommended by the Akaal Takht.

Balbir Singh

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I'm not arguing with what you are saying Veer Ji, just relaying what Sant Ji said the other day, I have it recorded and watched it again to make sure. If you are right, then its simply a case of them making a mistake, no big deal.

Correction in my above post - Sant Ji said saal (years), not janam (lives).

Edited by shaheediyan
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