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Sikh In The Bnp


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Leave him be. If he wants to join the BNP then so be it, he has a free choice and for him his actions are just his way of fighting against this country becoming another Islamic shythole in a few years time. He's experienced living in a country just about to become free and where the Muslims are about to flex their muscles and deal with the Kafirs. I am talking about Lahore in 1947 and not the UK but perhaps this statement might be correct in a few decades time.

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Heres a snap shot of messages that possible Bnp Sikh voters have been receiving they show messages from both sides.

So you decide who are the real racists?

Pro BNP People

you vote for who you want to mate. Your Forefathers fought for this country so you can have a vote in a democratic country and not to be told who to or not to vote for and be patronized. It is interesting to note that The NAZIs also had Muslim troops but Sikhs were and have remained Loyal to Britain. Vote BNPif you so wish. We welcome you with open arms!

The Sikhs welcomed the 4 mercian regiment back to wolverhampton after there tour in Afgainistan.

Thats what interegration looks like ! not abuseing our troops in Luton

big respect. i am a bnp voter and we will stand strong alongside people who are sikh and hindu and black people of any religion. DONT believe what the media says, we dont hate people, just politicians who have flooded Britain with Third World immigrants who have no intention of assimilating or even working! Sikhs are brilliant, really loyal, hard working etc

Muslims/Extreme left Wing liberals

#### the smelly sikhs and the indians up the smelly ###. <banned word filter activated> off back to india. u smelly sikh ####.

u r mother ##### smelly sikh. the hindu's give u good hiding in 1984. how did u escape little smelly sikh. mother #####r the hindus should finishes u off. u r not even wanted india never mind england. because u r not loyal to any1. thats the problem...

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Just so people have the correct information at hand. Some Sikhs did fight on the same side as nazis. Pictures are freely available of them in German issued uniforms incase you were unaware. The numbers were small compared to the pro British ones and I believe they were simply fighting against the British to free India from British rule. A lot of them were prisoners who had been caught by the nazis.

It would serve those who are currently supporting the modern day incarnation of the nazis in Britain (i.e. the BNP) well to learn the lessons that these Sikhs had to the hard way.




My cousin lives in Germany and says he has seen a few pics like these over there.

Anyway, here is a related article from yesterday's Evening Standard:


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Call him a Sikh I dont think so, He may be born into sikh family does not make him/her a sikh.

This is BNPs divide and conquer rule, get the ethnics fighthing amongst each other . Call this freedom , i dont think so , spreading hatred amongst communities. A while back on radio a socialist was discussing bnp issues with a presenter and the presenter asked the socialist , what is black ? ( I think he summed it up very well ) i.e. Politically speaking ,black is anything which is not white .

Ask the BNP , what is there education policy ?

This is not what Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji taught us .

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