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Forget SGPC, what are YOU(and me) doing about it? what are all of our Jathas, Sampradahs, Nihang Dals doing about it?

I know for a fact that nihang dals are getting ready and prepared to deal with the jihadi maleech!

Ha ha! Just kidding.

Let's be sat here. Our lot aren't doing anything. Well, they are renovating old mosques and handing them back over to sullay. Maybe this will make them feel guilty about their actions and reform some of them?

I don't know, sometimes you have to ask yourself, are we collectively looking like bakray these days? Clearly sullay can defend themselves and strike back at their perceived enemies - albeit in an indiscriminate manner. The big elephant in the room is 'have we lost our sipahi side?' Sikhs don't seem to even try even try to raise their sons to be tough these days. What 'anakh' remains seems to be limited to Jatt boys trying to bully chuhra/chamaars and thinking they are soormay because of it. Or people practicing 'shaster' martial arts but totally ignoring the implications of the development of super advanced 'astaars' - you know, the laser guided, computer chip having, heat seeking, nuclear types.

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jad tak poora panth na miley kuch we ne ho sakdaa,nothing can happen.....enney gandey politics ho gae ya sadey apde lokka ich..if someone tries to do something there are manyy to pull his leg and beat him up..we all have to get up,leaving all the stupid diffrences we carry "eh hona chaeda ,oh hona cheda" forget all for soemtime and get up...

tartor de kamme nai ya,and we all know this very well

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