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Are you a fake like me ?

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Are you a fake like me ?

Here's a shabad from “Sukhmani Sahib” in Guru Granth Sahib ji….


rehath avar kashh avar kamaavath ||

S/He says one thing, and does something else.

man nehee preeth mukhahu ga(n)dt laavath ||

There is no love in his/her heart, and yet with his/her mouth s/he talks tall.

jaananehaar prabhoo parabeen ||

The Omniscient Lord God is the Knower of all.

baahar bhaekh n kaahoo bheen ||

He is not impressed by outward display.

avar oupadhaesai aap n karai ||

One who does not practice what s/he preaches to others,

aavath jaavath janamai marai ||

shall come and go in reincarnation, through birth and death.


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haha could you imagine our feeling of stupidity if sukhsingh was actually some like.. sant or something...hehe...yeah yeah, i know

"if he was a true sant he wouldn't say that about himself" i know i know... but i'm jus sayin!!

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