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Cancer Cured By Gurbani?

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Mr. Vasu Bhardwaj was a Special Correspondent of Gujarati "Mitr," a daily published from Surat, India. This science researcher with American educational background was working in India when in 2001, he was diagnosed suffering from bone cancer and doctors soon pronounced defeat at finding a cure for him. The story below is written by Mr Bhardwaj:

[There's a video in the link well worth watching where the guy talks about what happened]


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Maybe its because those people have some kind of doubt at the back of thier mind that their prays wont be granted. If you have the slightest doubt, hesitance, or 'what if' then you are setting yourself up for fail.

Most people dont understand the idea of 'burning your bridges'. Their ardas/prays - though they spend a lot of time, effort and money on it, are really a 'just in case' supplication.

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google gerson method of cure; cancer is not a mysterious diesease cause for it was discoeverd in 1931 by a german who was given nobel prize.

It happens when oxygen level of body or something goes low, and body is below ph of 7.38 or something.

Basically healthy cells burn glucose, cancer ones distill it. 95% cure rate.

Linus Pauling was on this too, and he did a lot to discover how much the body uses vitamin c.

So yea..

Gurbani works, but also have your medicine down. Drinking bottled oxygen isn't a drug, and doesn't break rehat. :P

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