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Emigrating To Canada


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I have moved to Canada from UK with the family, as for experience its a nice country definitely better than England when it comes to the standard of living etc... Though the one plus England had is a lot more sangat, more programs, rehansbhais, dasam darbars, barsis etc... B.C is better for its scenery and the whole nature hoohaa, but it has English type weather

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My cousin emigrated a few years ago.

He has no plans to return here other than to visit us occasionally......

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My 2 paisa.

All my mums side of the family live in Edmonton. There has been a massive influx of BC Sikhs to Alberta due to economic reasons as well as people getting away form the gandh gang culture, and sad in some cases, bringing it with them.

Alberta seems to be an excellent place for business/opportunity etc. There is a massive Sikh population in Edmonton now (and Calgary - which is where the Unis are I think).

Prices have gone up in recent years - but I think you can still buy a nice detached 3/4 bedroom house with garage etc in a decent neighbourhood for around £200k. Many people apply for the land lottery (to buy a land parcel) and build new houses to their own spec - this works out cheaper. All my Massers, Mamai etc have done this.

Food, clothes, Fuel etc is cheaper than the UK, but then on average, salaries across most industries pay less than here and you get less annual leave (although not quite as pathetic as US).

Toronto is more cosmopolitan and caters more for Finance sector etc also with a big Sikh population.

Grass always look greener on the other side - but people and problems are same everywhere. CA is more traditional than UK (in bad ways as well as good) due to it having a much bigger influx of freshies - there sharaab culture is not anywhere near as big as in the UK.

Personally - in CA, have always found Nova Scotia very appealing for a number of reasons (except the weather lol). Their local Gurdwara even has a Gora Singh Pardhaan :-)

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Where did he move to? WHat did he find better there that he did not find here?

I've been thinking about Vancouver or Edmonton or Calgary.

Manitoba. He says there is more opportunity and land, and very little racism compared to here (that's what he told me). That part of Canada doesn't have the jatt wannabe gangsta filth thing going on either (well not yet anyway).

He's only young and he's got a big semi detached house already......

But he did say it snows crazily though. I imagine that part of the world is better suited to home bodies than people who like to be out and about all the time. He told me people are unbelievably friendly compared to those in London.

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